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Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio orders the killing of opposition supporters in cold blood assassination

Vote Dr Samura Kamara

The despotic President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio has ordered the killing of innocent opposition supporters of the All Peoples Congress party. The Buffon who passes for Head of State gave the orders to kill demonstrators protesting for the coming election to be postponed after it was discovered that ECSL,  the body charged with responsibilities to conduct the elections, interfered with the voters register.

The daily killings have become synonymous with the rule of a man who once governed the country by the barrel of a gun. Bio still believes he is presiding over a junta regime that saw him along with others overthrew a legitimately and lawfully elected government. In the early 1990s Bio was part of a group of young soldiers who overthrew the government of President Joseph Saidu Momoh. Valentine Strasser led the soldiers and was later chosen to be the Chairman of the Junta regime. His deputy was a gallant young soldier Solomon Musa (SAJ) Bio was unhappy with the choice of Musa as Strasser’s deputy and it is reported that he arranged Musa’s assassination at the war front and after Musa was killed he insisted he had to be selected as Deputy Chairman. It didn’t take too long before his greed for power once more became evident when he machinated the removal and subsequent exile of Valentine Strasser. Bio then became Chairman and Head of State. Apparently, Bio made a few changes in the hierarchy which saw the respectable and highly regarded General Jusu Gottor removed as Chief of Defence Staff  (CDS) and replaced by a more junior and rather incompetent officer Lt.Colonel Kelly Conteh, a man who was mentored by Gottor and who had been sent on professional training to Nigeria by Gottor to enhance his military career but who was to later help design Gottor’s removal.

It was widely reported that Gottor, who was then Director of Operations and 3rd in overall command of the army, allowed the soldiers who took part in the coup to be given passage from the war front to the capital on the pretext of going to State House to protest their lack of sufficient ration at the war-front during the rebel war. Gottor was oblivious to the true intentions of the soldiers and only got to know after he was requested to attend a meeting at military headquarters. Bio who had his eyes then on becoming the head of the army quickly suggested that Gottor was to be made the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, and Gottor swiftly rejected the position claiming he was not a trained banker but a trained Military officer. Strasser agreed with Gottor and he was made the Chief of Defence Staff. Bio then nursed revenge on both Gottor and Strasser. He went to work devising the removal of Gottor and forgot that the International community only gave credence to the Junta regime because of the inclusion of Jusu  Gottor who because of his credibility gave some legitimacy to the regime in the eyes of the international community.

Julius Maada Bio

Bio then staged a palace coup that saw him topple Strasser and bundled him into a helicopter facilitating his exile in neighboring Guinea. Before that Strasser had suffered a gunshot wound to his leg which seriously affected his agility and ability to respond to all that was going on around him orchestrated by Bio. To the international community, the palace coup by Bio was seen as a ploy by the coup plotters to hold on to power and reneged on their promise to hand over power to a democratically elected government by conducting an election. As a result, the International Community gave Bio an ultimatum to hand over power or face being forced out. He complied and conducted a free and fair election which he later took credit for and projected the idea that he was the father of democracy in Sierra Leone – a far-fetched claim as he was forced out by the International community.

To contemplate having Julius Maada Bio as President again for another 5 years is to confine Sierra Leone to oblivion. The reckless nature of the current Bio administration in handling the state of affairs of the nation has seen the country reduced to an economic, social, and political mess that is far from the dreams of the founding fathers who worked and fought hard for freedom and liberty that we once enjoyed and that has been hijacked by a man who has no conscience and whose only determination is to wreak havoc on a country that has only known peace for the past decade as a way of life. Sierra Leoneans have come to enjoy peace and tranquility during the Ernest Bai Koroma administration but since 2018 when Julius Maada Bio took power, the calm once enjoyed has simply evaporated as political and press freedom has been seriously suppressed,  opposition politicians are constantly hounded and attacked by security forces and incarcerated without any due process of the law. And reports coming out of Freetown the capital city, that two opposition supporters were gunned down in broad daylight in front of the opposition party headquarters by armed state security personnel acting on the orders of the President sheds gloom over the landscape of a country with huge potential and whose destiny can no longer be handed to a thief who has squandered the state’s resources and diverted funds meant for the development of the country into his private bank accounts

Julius Maada Bio is not fit for purpose and no longer has the capacity to govern Sierra Leone and should not be allowed close to the seat of power ever again and must be made accountable for the numerous atrocities committed that are fully documented across the country. The international community should ensure that all legal instruments are available to the Sierra Leonean people to hold Julius Maada Bo to account and as regime change has now become inevitable must not allow him to leave the country under no pretext of giving him exit or exile until he faces the full arm of the law.

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