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Senior NGC executives in constituency 129 – wards 438 and 439 declare for APC

AEP Movement MEDIA TEAM – APC: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 June 2023:

Despite the continued unlawful detention of Arthur E Pearce at CID by the Sierra Leone Police, using a rogue WhatsApp profile in his name, (which is believed was created by DJ Million, a member of the failed NGC Party), as a pretext for his arrest, members of the Arthur E Pearce Movement continue to encourage more members of the NGC to declare for the APC.

Yesterday, the entire Constituency 129 executives and Wards 438 and 439 executives of NGC, declared for APC.

This will send a strong message to the NGC, that despite its role, through DJ Million in securing Mr Pearce’s detention, to prevent further haemorrhaging of its membership, the AEP Movement will continue its work until election day, whether Arthur is released or not.

Voters are encouraged to reject the NGC and SLPP Paopa Alliance at the 24 June 2023 elections. Arthur’s continued and unlawful detention as a political prisoner, is an example of what ordinary people should expect, if President Bio is returned for a second term.

Former Chairman of NGC UK – Mr Alan Luke said: “As Arthur begins 9 days of unlawful detention at CID today, on Friday 16th June Dennis Bright was at the CID where he was assured by the Inspector General of Police that as long as Arthur reported the issue of the rogue WhatsApp profile with the police, that there was no case for him to answer.

“However, the Director of Operations at CID is insistent that Mr Pearce has a case to answer and that further interviews were to be conducted yesterday Saturday 17 June 2023.

“It appears that there is a concerted attempt by the Bio-led SLPP government to stop the haemorrhaging of members from Kandeh Yumkella’s NGC, which has lost the trust and confidence of the people of Sierra Leone.

“Thankfully, Mr Ady Macauley has filed a habeas corpus writ at the High Court, challenging the illegal detention of Mr Pearce.

“AEP Movement Members are urged to continue with their work of sensitising and engaging with voters, including NGC members who may be disillusioned with the failed leadership and lack of vision, presented by Yumkella and his divisive strategy of manipulating voters in the North and West.

“We therefore applaud the fantastic work of the AEP Movement yesterday, when NGC Executives in Constituency 129, Wards 438 and 439, declared for the APC.

“Citizens of Sierra Leone have the right and freedom to associate with any political party that they choose to be associated with. It is my hope that the public will reject Yumkella and his failed NGC, as well as the SLPP led government on 24 June 2023.”