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Samura Kamara must strongly continue to hold Bio acountable for stealing election results – Op ed

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 September 2023:

We have come to one of the most pivotal moments of our country history. A moment when men have to tie their trousers turgidly, be real men and redeem our country from the tyrannical, dictatorial, nebulous, irredeemably corrupt, elections- thieving and destructive hands of a bloody dictator – Julius Maada Bio (The worst president ever in the history of Sierra Leone).

The whole world is condemning Julius Maada Bio for his broad daylight robbery of June 24, 2023 general election results by falsifying polling figures and declaring himself President of Sierra Leone.

In  direct response to this criminal act by the  irredeemable criminal and human butcher – MAADA BIO,  the United States angrily suspended the MCC U.S $400 million Compact grant and slammed travel restrictions on all those guilty of or collaborating in rigging the elections and undermining democracy in Sierra Leone. More sanctions are going to follow.

Since the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC ) refused to cooperate with the elections thief, President Bio, by boycotting Parliament and councils, governance in the nation has come to  halt, despite all  the showboating by Bio and his vile and abhorrent supporters .

Some other financial aid to the government have been stopped and now the Bio SLPP  government is starved of funds and having difficulties paying salaries.

The U.S and international partners continue to insist that aid will not be resumed or travel restrictions lifted unless President Bio brings back the country’s democracy he has stolen.

Now, the Commonwealth, ECOWAS and the AU have decided to hold a dialogue between Bio and the APC to break the impasse and restore democracy and good governance.

The facts are clear to all. Bio must restore our democracy by proving how he won the elections or organize a re-run. The U.S and international elections observers who rejected the results because they lacked credibility, are demanding that the tribalized Elections Commission  release the disaggregated polling stations results.

Bio ‘s Elections  Commissioner has impudently refused and when he came to America recently to attend the UN General Assembly, Bio thumbed his nose at America, Sierra Leone and the world by having the bold effontery to accuse America of trying to undermine the elections. Instead of accepting his faults, Bio flipped it on America.

This is the kind of rascal and thief Sierra Leoneans were unfortunate to have had Britain imposed on them in 2018. Bio is the most unrepentant criminal and human rights abuser and killer this nation has been very unlucky to have as President since Independence.

While the fuming nation is gratified that at least the U.S and international community are with  them and holding Bio to account and will not compromise with him until Bio restores our democracy, disturbing, but unconfirmed news making the rounds is that the leader of the main opposition APC – Samura Kamara has decided to let Bio off the hook by compromising with him without forcing him to bring back what he has stolen from the people – our cherished democracy.

If these reports are true,  It will be the biggest mistake Dr. Samura Kamara has ever made in his life that will hurt his base (the grassroots of the party).

This stalemate cannot end in victory for the gloating and unrepentant Maada  Bio because the consequences will be dire for the nation.

Bio is unrepentant and full of the spirit of impunity. Any arrangement short of restoring our democracy will not be honored by him. Bio does not honor truces and agreements. Bio will only use Samura Ksmara’s goodwill to do the worst in our nation.

One has to only look at the way Bio breached his agreement with the National Grand Coalition ( NGC ) whom he promised high level positions in government if they voted for him in the June 24 elections ( promises he has failed to honor ) to see how Bio is capable of flaunting agreements with impunity.

Now, the NGC are planning to take him to court for breach of agreement. Bio is just waiting for the MPs and councilors to return and take their seats to show this nation his true colors. Sierra Leone has still not seen the worst of Maada Bio.

Secondly, with the whole nation and the world looking up to him to save democracy in Sierra Leone , Samura Kamara will create an irreversible and eternal stigma on his name if he fails to hold Bio to account and force him to return the democracy he stole with a bold face.

Samura Kamara will forever be classed among the nation-wreckers and one of those who conspired with Maada Bio to destroy democracy in Sierra Leone. This is not the dishonorable image Samura Kamara wants to live with for the rest of his life.

If he fails to hold Bio accountable and force him to return our stolen democracy, Samura Kamara must as well also kiss his political career and Presidential ambition goodbye because he will certainly fall into the bad books of the grassroots and rank and file of the APC.

A negotiated settlement with Maada Bio that does not answer  the demands of justice, democracy, good governance and human rights will not bring peace to our country. Let those dreamers and deceivers touting the peace line know this. We all need peace and we are praying for peace in Sierra Leone but Maada Bio is not a man of peace.

Maada Bio does not believe in peace nor has he ever promoted peace in his life. Bio rather thrives on creating deadly divisions, especially tribal, ethnic and regional divisions and dangerous disunity along partisan lies.

So, nobody should expect peace in Sierra Leone during Maada Bio’s time. He will simply use Samura Kamara to get back the MCC Compact grant and the travel ban rescinded and then go back to doing what he knows  best – destroy peace, create divisions and abusing and killing innocent people.

Samura Kamara must denounce and refute the rumors going around that he wants to sell out. He owes the grassroots of the APC and the people of Sierra Leone that duty because lots of people have lost their lives fighting for him.

Lastly, Samura Kamara must stick to the script he and the grassroots of the APC formulated. The ECSL must release the disaggregated polling stations results; Maada Bio must reform the ECSL and make it cross- national instead of being stacked with his tribesmen; he should reform all governance institutions and detribalize them; he should reform the judiciary with men of honor and integrity; and re-run the June 24 elections. Anything short of these actions is a sellout and the outcome is unacceptable.