Sierra Leone
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By: Winstanley. R. Bankole Johnson

Based on some of her most recent discourteous, out rightly abrasive propensity to be spouting incendiary, hateful and vitriolic utterances against the leadership of the All Peoples’ Congress Party generally and our revered leader and flag bearer Dr. Samura Kamara in particular, I am convinced someone within our security sector should make it their charge to rein Mahawa Allieu into order, so that she does not ignite what she or the government she supports either cannot eventually manage and control, or that could inadvertently bring the office of Press Attachés’ into disrepute.  I must state here that my concern is more for the status of the office she occupies at present as a Press Attaché’ of Sierra Leone to the Republic of the Gambia than for her personality, so she does not make that position unsavory for her successor come August at the latest.

Hornets’ nests

Ordinarily we are taught to believe that the latitude of diplomats/ ambassadors to lie is acceptable only when they do so in their posts and on behalf of their home country. But it is unacceptable and detestable when they attempt to leave their posts to return home periodically to be lying in favour of a non-performing government. And that is exactly what Mahawa Allie has been doing over time. It is a clear indication that Mahawa Allie is either unsatisfied with the works or at the inertia within other SLPP government’s structures charged with the responsibility of propagating President Bio’s achievements such as the Strategic Communications Unit at State House, or that the SLPP is lagging in the social media propaganda war because they have nothing to show for their five years of stewardship. So frustrated by the social media successes of the APC, Mahawa Allie has had to be frequenting the home turf to be stirring the hornets’ nests. If she is not at the Lungi International Airport promoting the economic gains of President Bio as the best within the sub-region for food security and low inflation (at a time when he President himself was informing the world that he was powerless to address the economic woes of his citizens), she would be conducting one-on-one interviews with the President himself at State House to justify his second term bid. But none of her escapades would seem to be having the desired effect, hence her degeneration into public tirades against the APC leadership and our flag bearer Dr. Samura Kamara.

If anyone should ask me who it is within our security sector that should take up that responsibility, I would without hesitation nominate the Police Inspector General Fayia Sellu. I shall close this piece with my justifications for him for that role. Meantime in that their “Once Act” Social Media charade of a Play, she posed leading questions to the Police IG who spared no effort at assuring her of what would happen to violators, given the sophisticated cyber techniques now available at police disposal to track them down.


But scarcely had they finished that than Mahawa Allie, (possibly emboldened or drunken with nearness to the seat of political power) was on the rampage again, publicly casting unsavoury, baseless and unsubstantiated allegations against the leadership of the APC Party and its flag bearer – firsts by nuances, then confrontationally by name – and violating in the process those same regulations which she had only a few days earlier enticed the Police IG to warn the public against.  In that clip, Mahwa Allie not only named the APC Party and its leader Dr. Samura Kamara as the actual “saboteurs” of the government’s electrification programmes through damage and destruction to transformer sites countywide, but also directly and unequivocally labelled him as a “ threat to national security” without so much as providing an iota of evidence to substantiate same. Her allegations are as spurious and as reckless as those made in the Politico Newspaper recently speculating that by taking of their shirts to ward off teargas fumes at Mile 38 was evidence of APC supporters accompanying Dr.  Samura Kamara being confrontational with the police at Mile 38, or of their accusing ten (10) APC supporters in Pujehun (of all places) of igniting riots. To be accusing the most popular Presidential candidate of the largest political APC Party in the country is not only perfidious, but smirks of outright fear of him. So accusations against the APC Party and its flag bearer by the SLPP leadership are not new. As a matter of fact the only accusation now left that the SLPP has not levied against Dr. Samura Kamara is witchcraft!!


Until I checkmated him to either substantiate his own similar allegations against Dr. Samura Kamara or thereafter to hold his peace, Rado Swarray was wont to be repeating them. Since her adulterated clip of blames against the APC and Dr. Samura Kamara, one was expecting that the Police IG would have by now interested himself either into delving into those allegations of Dr. Samura Kamara being “a saboteur and enemy of the state” or at the worst cautioned Mahawa Allie against disseminating hateful, inciteful and vitriolic materials or fanning flames and passions of divisiveness via the social media like he threatened to do against violators. But regrettably that has not happened to date, leaving Mahawa on the rampage and the public to continue speculating on existential conspiracy theories within the security sector – as it would appear to be within the ECSL – to have disinterested themselves on anything to the disadvantage of the main opposition APC Party. So it is not that the security sector might be oblivious of Mahawa Allie’s beguiling antics, it is just that as usual all of them are naturally slow on the trigger especially as the victim is the main opposition APC Party.

Let me now close with the three main reasons why I nominated Police IG Fayia Sellu for the task of checkmating the excesses of Mahawa Allie:

  1. He is the principal government officer responsible for enforcement of law and order
  2. It was with him she performed one of her social media stunts of attempting to intimidate the opposition into permanent silence, by goading him into reading the riot act within the Cyber Crime Laws overtly for the attention of their hearers, but covertly and specifically to scare the daylight out of the opposition, as if we have not seen and had enough of such (“Opinkol”) already in the last five years.
  3. He was copied a letter from the PPRC Commissioner dated 20th February in which the APC was warned to be treating President Bio with the respect and dignity he deserves not only because he is SLPP flag bearer “and opponent” of the APC within the provisions of Sec. 39 (1), (c and d) of the PPRC Act of 2022 as amended, but also because a continued infringement of those provisions are tantamount to breaching the peace and corrupting public morals. So I suppose the Police IG and Chief Law Enforcement Officer has the sacred duty to proactively rein Mahawa Allie (and any other SLPP fanatic) into order, should they attempt to disrespect the APC flag bearer Dr. Samura Kamara and “opponent of the SLPP” within those same laws he cited to protect SLPP candidate Bio because as the adage goes, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

It is only natural that anyone spending so much time denigrating the flag bearer of another political party should not be surprised if a retaliation is made against his/her own political party flag bearer. So to avoid confrontation in this our already toxic and volatile environment, breach of public peace and corruption of public morals, it is advisable that the Police acts timeously against Mahawa Allie because as everyone very well knows, no one has a monopoly over hatred.