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NGC rocked and roughed up by slew of resignations just weeks ahead of elections – Op ed

Alan Luke: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 May 2023:

Just seven months ago, Kandeh Yumkella met with Dennis Bright and Joseph Maada Kpulun, who were both contesting for the position of National Chairman and Leader of NGC. Today, both men are no longer in NGC. Dennis Bright quit in early February 2023 following the disastrous decision, which was forced through at the NEC, giving Yumkella the authority to solely negotiate an alliance with SLPP, following the successful completion of the National Delegates Conference in December 2022.

Kpulun, who had been brought in to rally the NGC faithful following Bright’s departure has also now abandoned NGC, realising that the alliance is only benefitting Yumkella, Jesmed Suma, National Chairman and Amadu Sheriff, National Secretary General; and it is not benefitting NGC Members and the party, in any way.

Hot on Kpulun’s heels is Brima Tangabay, the NGC Bo District Chair. More resignations have already started to pour in, as Kpulun loyalists quit the party.

NGC needs to call in the administrators. The rapid demise of NGC is going to leave egg on the face of President Bio, who along with his Campaign Manage -, Yumkella, have championed the SLPP / NGC Progressive Alliance.

(Video: NGC rocked and roughed up by slew of resignations just weeks ahead of elections)

Keeping up with the resignations and defections from NGC to both SLPP and APC, has been quite a challenge.

Brima Tangabay, NGC District Chairman was the first to follow Joseph Maada Kpulun out of the MV Grand Coalition, which is being skippered by the inexperienced Captain Kandeh, who has just managed to steer his ship unto rocks.

Mr Tangabay was followed by Ibrahim Sorie Turay, who only last week was installed as Acting District Chairman Kambia, following the defection of Pa Kanu, to APC. Pa Kanu’s defection had come as a bolt from the blue, as he was chair of Captain Kandeh’s own district.

In the space of one week, two district chairs of Kambia, have expressed a vote of no confidence in Yumkella, Jesmed Suma, the NGC Leadership and their alliance with SLPP.

Adama Turay, Regional Women’s Leader, North-east, Mohamed Koroma, defeated candidate for Deputy National Chair and Remie Musa, have all tendered their resignations from NGC.

More resignations are expected, including the NGC District Chairman of Falaba, whose audio note to Joseph Maada Kpulun, was leaked last week. He was heard urging Mr Kpulun to speak to H.E. (His Excellency) to urge the resignations, as MV Grand Coalition began to list and succumbing to the waves.

In another development, eleven West Rural Executive Members declared for APC today. These include the Chairmen for constituencies 106, Abu Bakarr; 108 Alie Kamara, and 109, Bundu Claye.

The Women’s Leader of constituency 108 Adama Kamara, and Secretaries General of constituencies 111, Ibrahim Kamara and 112, Ishmeal Kamara and Tamba Marah Gendeh, District Chairman Aspirant, former Chairman for constituency 108 also resigned.

Captain Kandeh and First Officer Suma are battling desperately to save the sinking ship. They need to keep the MV Coalition afloat or at least give Bio the impression that the ship is salvageable. Without this, the alliance between SLPP and NGC, which both Bio and Yumkella are fully invested in, is in jeopardy.

Yumkella’s “if yu tekeh wi, wi go put peppeh nar yu yie” strategy is not working. NGC’s presence in Bombali and Western Rural is all but extinct. NGC’s presence in Western Urban is completely degraded and members in other North-western and North-eastern regions, will be assessing whether they should continue to stay on, or jump into one of the lifeboats.

Meanwhile, renowned disc jockey, DJ Tropence has been tasked by the party to lift the spirits of the passengers on board the doomed vessel. His playlist includes Damsay, damsay, yeah! Fritong titi collection.