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For Bio’s  re-election… Smart movement for SLPP launches campaign strategy in Kono

In an indelible effort to secure a resounding victory for President Bio without run-off, a support group dubbed as Smart Movement for SLPP, has on Sunday the 12th of February 2023, launched a campaign strategy in Kono City for the re-election of President Bio. The Theme for the campaign strategy is “re-elect President Bio Back-back”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Smart Movement for SLPP Aerean Steven Smart Gegra, edified that the mission and vision  for the establishment of the Smart Movement for SLPP is to secure a resounding victory for President Bio. He added that the movement actually started in 2018 wherein, they were hiring motor bikes to reach out to villages in Kono District all  in the spirit of mobilizing votes for President Bio.  He said they did that in 2018 because of the love for SLPP and for the trust and confidence they had in president Bio’s leadership.

Steven Smart Gegra  added that his initiative for mobilizing votes and the confidence he had in  President Bio in 2018, was indeed translated into fruition because of the visible development in Kono and the country at large. He reiterated that President Bio delivered on his New Direction Manifesto. Smart Gegra  reminded locals of Kono regarding the massive and historic developments President Bio had taken to the People of Kono . He furthered that Kono was one of the  Darkest Districts in Sierra Leone but in less than four years of President Bio’s Administration, the locals of  Kono  had been embarrassed with an uninterrupted New Direction Electricity Supply across the territorial enclave of Kono.

“For the past months, in each of my visits to Kono,   any home I visited in Kono, the people served me cold water.  I used to be a lecturer here in Kono of which students were used to carrying power banks during and after lectures.  Some of them were even telling me that they don’t have light to study.  But look now there is an uninterrupted electricity supply in Kono”, he said.  

He also admonished the people of Kono that he reintroduced the Smart Movement for SLPP in order to re-elect President Bio “back to back”  in the June 24th 2023 multi-tier elections. He encouraged the people of Kono to come together again as they did in 2028, to re-elect President Bio so that the President could continue his developmental agenda not only for Kono, but for Sierra Leone as a whole.

CEO of   Smart Movement described President Bio as the Sierra Leone Paul Kagame due to his developmentally oriented stance for Sierra Leone.  Smart Gegra also intimated that President Bio had also unwrapped  the reputational damage the All People’s Congress Party (APC) did to Sierra Leone. Through the intervention of President Bio, Smart Gegra said  Sierra Leone is now highly respected and recognized at International level due to the good leadership of President Bio. He therefore, concluded by encouraging the people of Kono to come out in their thousands to re-elect President Bio “back to back”.

In his statement, the Kono  District Youth Chairman Sahr Octavius Fallah, lauded  the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Movement for SLPP for such laudable  initiative. He encouraged the young people of Kono District to be sincere and honest in producing a leader such as President Bio come June 24th 2023. He said President Bio has  good intention to change the lives of Sierra Leoneans especially the youth.  He intimated that when President Bio assumed governance in 2018, he introduced the Mid-Term Development Plan which aligns with the Sustainable Development Goal. He said cluster 1 of the Mid-Term Development Plan focuses on Human Capital Development. He added that the Human Capital Development had improved the lives of many Sierra Leoneans.  Before the establishment of the Kono University of Science and Technology, the Youth Chairman said President Bio chiefly upgraded the Eastern Technical University.

The Youth ‘Mama ‘ for Kono  District Sia Evelyn Nyandemo, expressed tremendous elation for the Smart Movement initiative which geared towards the re-election of President Bio.  She said President Bio has done tremendously well for   being a champion for women’s empowerment. She enlightened that President Bio had legislated the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Act of 2022, which now provides opportunities for women in terms of job opportunities and seeking elective positions. She encouraged the youth to take active part in the re-election of President Bio through robust voter mobilization and campaign.  She assured the gathering that there would be no run-off for President Bio in the forthcoming election due to the massive development President Bio brought to the People of Kono.