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COMMENTARY: What Makes Ambassador Golley a great candidate for political office

Sierra Leone’s former ambassador to the Republic of South Korea, Ambassador Omrie Golley on Saturday, January 21, 2022, declared his intention to run for the standard-bearer for the All People’s Congress (APC) party ahead of the party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC).

It is my firm conviction that Ambassador Golley is one of the most fitted candidates with national and international character to lead the APC and subsequently win the presidential election.

I want to bring forth many reasons to justify my assertion.

Giving the APC a National Look

The election of Ambassador Golley as the standard bearer of the APC will change the perception of most people in the south-east who hold the view that the APC is dominated by people from north and it’s a northern-based party.

Changing perception is a critical component of securing votes and winning the support of people in the south-east who see Golley as the son of the soil. Golley is better placed to win the support of people in the south-east.

Promotion of Peace and Reconciliation

Ambassador Omrie Golley comes into the race with a mission to promote and sustain peace, reconciliation and meaningful dialogue.

He had demonstrated this when we had the brutal civil war. He risked his life, character and reputation to reach across divides to foster peace and reconciliation and was successful in attaining that. Today had it not been for their interventions the journey to attaining peace would have been delayed.

He has also committed himself to uniting the APC. He has a very good working relationship with his colleague flagbearer contenders. 

Securing Votes

The principal objective of any political party is to take control of government. With Ambassador Golley at the helm of affairs at the APC, there is greater likelihood for the party to secure more votes in south -east thereby winning the June 42 presidential election. He is popular among his people and his being looked at a reformer.

Loyalty to the Party

Ambassador Golly has been a member of the APC since the 80s and has demonstrated his unflinching support for the party. He has been with the Party through thick and thin.  There were moment when people don’t want to associate themselves with the party, but man like Golley has demonstrated his loyalty to party.

Strengthen Relations and Promoting Investment

As a businessman and former ambassador, Golley is in a better position to strengthen bilateral relations with other countries and promote investments in all areas, as he has demonstrated that when serving as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Republic of South Korea. He has a unique experience in promoting the development of our nation, both as Ambassador and through his agri-education projects.

Promotion of Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of any nation. A country which relies on agriculture could feed its population. Ambassador Goley has demonstrated his commitment to promote agriculture through the establishment of agricultural  centres across the country. “As President, I will build on this experience to transform agriculture in Sierra Leone, making the most of our God-given advantages to achieve food security and end the widespread hunger of our people,” Ambassdor Golley said. He said that instead of just preaching from afar, he made personal sacrifices, used my own resources, his own skills, his own two hands to start building that future.