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Assault on police: Video clip of APC Mohamed Bangura tendered in court

By Jeneba A Conteh

At the ongoing alleged assault matter of Assistant Inspector General of Police Gaberiel Tommy, the video clip of Hon. Mohamed Bangura of the All People’s Congress (APC) party has been tendered in court to form part of court records.

Police constable, Samuel Nabieu Bangura, attached to the Magboraka Police Station, told the court that his boss, Gabriel Tommy, was threatened by Hon. Mohamed Bangura, Samura Matthew Kamara and other members of the APC.

Hon. Mohamed Bangura and Yeabom Sesay are before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown on counts of riotous conduct, threatening language, public insult behaviour, assault on police,  among other charges.

It was alleged in the charge sheet that, on June 11th, 2022,  at Mathora Village, Khalifa Rowala Chiefdom, Tonkolili District, North East Region of Sierra Leone ,the accused persons assaulted AIG Gabriel Tommy whilst in due execution of his lawful duties.

It was also alleged that, at the same place and date the accused persons did use insulting words to the annoyance of the said Gabriel Tommy in order to provoke him to commit the breach of the peace.

 It was further alleged that Hon.Mohamed Bangura  did wrongfully and without legal authority, intimidate the said Gabriel Tommy by threatening to hit him with his vehicle.

 Also, it was alleged that the accused persons behaved in a riotous manner and obstructed AIG Gabriel Tommy whilst in due execution of his lawful duties.

The charges were read and explained to the accused persons but they pleaded not guilty.

Testifying in court, Detective Inspector   Mohamed Jusu, attached to the Cybercrime Scientific Support Unit at the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters, recognized both accused persons.

He said on July 15,2022, he was on duty at the Cybercrime Unit when he received a correspondent and one flash drive including four different videos for forensic analysis and report.

He produced the said videos for identification in court.

The flash drive was about to be tendered when counsel for the first accused, Lansana Dumbuya, raised an objection on the grounds that the state never showed him the flash drive for perusal.

Responding to the defense, state prosecutor, Yusuf Isaac Sesay Esq  said nobody have ever seen what was in the flash drive. He said they have laid proper foundation and that the witness was in a better position to tender the videos.

Proceeding further, the witness said when he received the flash drive he examined it and discovered four videos.

He said during the course of examination, he used two tools- hash key and analyser, to check whether the videos were authentic and to ascertain whether their integrity was not tampered with.

He said the videos were neither tampered with nor their integrity abused.

The witness said he watched the videos severally and reduced his finding into a  report , adding that before concluding his report,  he was opportune to see the Mercedes Benz with marron color bearing the number plate MP Cons. 006, which he took snapshot to compare whether or not that car was the one he saw in the video.

He said all other findings were included in the report.

The witness said he signed the report dated 26th August 2022.

At that stage, the witness was ordered by the state to practically show, in a power point presentation, what was in the four videos.

Based on the video, he concluded that the crowd didn’t make it beyond the checkpoint because there was a restriction.

He said bulldozing police check point reduced the moral of AIG Tommy and other police officers.

In cross examination by defense counsel for the first accused Lansana Dumbuya, the witness confirmed that the first accused was not on the video.

On the third video, the witness said he saw a force trying to lift the checkpoint whiles the police preventing it. 

Counsel for the second accused didn’t ask any question in respect of his client.

In view of that, Magistrate Mark Ngegba adjourned the matter to the 9th October 2022.