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Sinigang in English – Translate “Sinigang” in English

Counterpart of Sinigang in English & Sample Sentences

SINIGANG IN ENGLISH – Are you looking for the English translation of the term “sinigang”? Here’s its English counterpart.

Undeniably, a lot of people are doubtful when it comes to the translations of certain Tagalog words in English. In this article, we will review the meaning of the term “sinigang”. We will also discover its counterpart in the English language.

Sinigang in English

What is “sinigang”?

Sinigang is a Tagalog term that refers to a procedure in cooking wherein the meat, either pork, chicken, beef, or seafood, is cooked slowly in a closed dish with simmering heat.

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 What is “sinigang” in English?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know not only the English translation of the word sinigang but also some examples of sentences using it.

Sinigang in English = Stewed Dish

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang sinigang:

1. Paborito ni Alas ang sinigang kaya palagi siyang nilulutuan nito ni Aling Myrna.

2. Sinabi mo na ba kay Eric na gustong kumain ni Madeline ng sinigang na baboy?

3. Maraming sampalok ang nailagay ni Aling Mely sa sinigang na niluluto niya kaya masyado itong maasim.

4. Masarap ang sinigang sa Taytay, Rizal kaya binabalik-balikan ito ng mga tao.

5. Natikman mo na ba ang sinigang na isda na luto ni Mang Pablo?

Examples of sentences using the term stewed dish:

1. Valerie does not like eating stewed dishes so you can never expect it at a party at their house.

2. Do you think Dr. Carlos will like this stewed fish that we have prepared for him and the nurses?

3. How much does one serving of stewed shrimp cost at Delvar’s Restaurant?

4. The Mangundo family prepared lechon belly, stewed pork, fried fish, Shanghai rice, and a chocolate cake for the birthday of Erica.

5. The boy loves eating stewed pork so his mother always prepares the dish every Sunday.

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