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How Maxene Magalona deals with bad days and migraines

Actress and yoga instructor Maxene Magalona acknowledges the fact that there are good and bad days in one’s life. What matters to her more is how to deal with this fact in the healthiest way.

Magalona spoke up about how life is not a walk in the park via her Instagram page last Friday, June 10, where she posted a short video while meditating.

“Good days for me consist of being as present as possible while allowing all kinds of emotions to flow through me without resistance. Days when I can just be myself, do my work, enjoy the small things and offer every breath to God,” she said.

But not all days are good as “bad days come and that’s okay too.”

“They don’t last forever anyway so we really shouldn’t allow them to get the best of us. By meditating daily, we will be able to calm our anxieties, quiet our overthinking minds and contemplate more clearly especially when challenging situations arise,” she explained.

Actually, Magalona had a bad day as she suffered from a two-day migraine which she used to get a lot, when she was younger.

“I would even get them for [three to five] days at a time and once for [seven] days straight while I was on vacation in Japan,” she said.

To counter migraine, Magalona sits in meditation, bring her awareness to the affected area in her head, and visualize a bright white light healing and soothing the pain.

While acknowledging that “the migraine won’t go away instantly,” Magalona feels that “by just knowing that I offered myself some of my own tender loving care already makes me feel a lot better.”

“Headaches and heartaches bring pain as much as a storm can bring chaos,” she stressed. But this should not dampen everyone’s spirit.

“[We] mustn’t lose faith that God will bring us through it all until our tears turn into smiles that are as bright and cheerful as the sun,” she said. JB


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