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solarZero Becomes First Solar Toitū Climate Positive Certified Organisation

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND 27 June 2023: solarZero today announced it has become the first solar Toitū climate positive certified organisation in New Zealand. Only five organisations globally have achieved this level of carbon certification, which requires businesses to look beyond net carbon zero to a carbon positive future by reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

solarZero was the first solar company in the world to become net carbon Zero in 2010. It has now moved beyond this to become part of the Toitū Envirocare climate positive programme - the most comprehensive carbon measurement programme in New Zealand, designed to help businesses take meaningful, science-led climate action.

solarZero Founder and Executive Chairman Andrew Booth says, “The scientific consensus is clear - the world is likely to breach the 1.5C climate threshold by 2027 if we don’t curb emissions, and temperatures continue to climb. Ultimately, every country in the world must reach net carbon zero, meaning humanity must remove as much carbon as it emits each year.”

“It’s not the job of the next generation to fix the climate crisis, which is why today we are proud to announce a new ambitious goal to ultimately remove solarZero’s carbon footprint. We’ve been net carbon zero since inception, and from today we are now carbon positive, which means that alongside our customers we’re accelerating New Zealand's transition to becoming net carbon zero ahead of any other nation on the planet.”

Teressa Betty, Kaiwhakahaere Matua and CEO of Toitū Envirocare, commented on the certification, “It's inspiring to witness businesses like solarZero achieve climate positive status. This critical achievement not only displays their intent but also signifies the immense potential of the business sector to combat climate change. While we understand the urgency to see overall emissions reductions swiftly, we are equally excited about the exceptional work our members can contribute in creating a culture where climate action and business prosperity coexist seamlessly."

solarZero’s main grid electricity partner, Ecotricity, is also Toitū climate positive certified. Al Yates, Ecotricity CEO says, “Our electricity generation comes only from renewable sources, which means when customers choose to go solar with Ecotricity and solarZero we deliver New Zealand’s first and only Toitū climate positive certified solar energy service.”

Booth comments, “Being climate positive means the change we represent every day when we talk to our customers, is a change solarZero is also making as a company - our entire fleet is EV, we upcycle and recycle in our own business, and de-prioritise air travel. We are also contributing to initiatives that improve social and environmental outcomes to help build a more sustainable future. Going beyond carbon zero with the Toitū climate positive programme is key to kaitiakitanga, and our commitment to leaving the world better than we found it.”

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