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Seeka Releases Sustainability Report 2023

Listed New Zealand produce company Seeka Limited (NZX:SEK) has released its second Sustainability Report.

The report, which outlines the progress Seeka has made towards the sustainability targets established in 2022 also introduces Seeka’s NZ$201 million Sustainability Linked Loan, which replaces its previous banking facilities.

The acquisition of two post-harvest businesses, Orangewood Ltd and NZ Fruits Ltd during the period, now Seeka Orangewood and Seeka Gisborne, as well as a full-year impact of the 2021 acquisition of Opotiki Packing and Cool Storage Ltd, now Seeka OPAC, have increased Seeka’s absolute carbon footprint to 22,839 tonnes CO2e compared to 19,864 tonnes CO2e in 2021.

The report details Seeka’s response to climate change, with a focus on learning from the number of extreme weather events the company faced over the past year, including floods, frosts, cyclones, and hail, together with the steps Seeka is taking to reduce GHG emissions, operate in a safe environment, care for its communities and company government.

Last Friday, Seeka announced it had completed its banking refinancing at 30 June 2023, into a NZ$201 million Sustainability Linked Loan, with Westpac NZ acting as the Sole Sustainability Coordinator, Agent and Mandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner.

Seeka’s Chief Executive, Michael Franks, outlined that sustainability is increasingly considered in all business operations and the introduction of the Sustainability Linked Loan further reinforces the importance of sustainability in our business decisions.

The report is available on Seeka’s website:

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