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Questions Raised On LGWM Project Data

Retail NZ is calling on the Wellington City Council, and Let’s Get Welly Moving (LGWM) to have another look at its data before progressing projects.

“With cost-benefit data recently shown to be flawed in the Council’s proposal to lower speed limits across Wellington City, and cost-benefit data being the basis of project business cases across the LGWM programme of work, we must ensure that the data is correct and these projects deliver objectives to ensure retailers in Wellington do not leave the city, says Retail NZ Chief Executive Greg Harford.

“Retailers across Wellington are calling for better data and direction in LGWM projects – so that the impacts projects have on their businesses is measured”

“The current business cases for the Golden Mile and Thorndon Quay Hutt Road, or any LGWM project, does not measure the impacts on retailers instead the LGWM Retail Impact Report states it ‘has not quantified any economic impacts on retailers and instead obtained quantitative data’ with over 25 per cent of Wellington retailers telling us they will close as a result of these changes this data must be measured”

“There is still no modelling on courier and e-commerce business impacts. There continues to be no modelling in the LGWM documentation on the impact this project has on delivery timeframes in the central city and the additional costs this will create through delivery levies on businesses”

“With significant costs on the projects being expected to be paid by Wellington businesses and Wellingtonians there must be a better way forward. We want to see Wellington retailers to remain viable – something we would hope is a top priority for Councillors and LGWM”

You can find Retail NZ’s submission on the latest LGWM proposals here:

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