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Official Cash Rate (OCR) Guide Published By MoneyHub

MoneyHub has launched a comprehensive guide to help Kiwis navigate the complex world of the Official Cash Rate (OCR), and its implications on the economy and personal finance.

The OCR guide is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It provides an in-depth look at the OCR's role in New Zealand's economy, its impact on the banking system, and how it can affect personal finances such as savings, mortgages, and investments.

"The OCR and its changes significantly affect New Zealand's economy, influencing the cost of borrowing and the return on savings. However, its mechanisms can be difficult to understand, often leaving many Kiwis unsure about how changes in the OCR can impact their personal finance decisions".

"The guide aims to demystify this process and provide information and advice to help people make informed decisions".

"The guide covers various topics, including how the OCR works, its effect on interest rates for loans and savings, and the role of the Reserve Bank in setting and changing the OCR. It also explains the financial implications of changes in the OCR and how individuals and businesses can manage their finances in response to these changes”.

“The guide also provides frequently asked questions and essential facts to help readers understand the OCR's role in the New Zealand economy and its effect on personal finance. The guide is written from the perspective of someone researching the OCR and its implications for their finances but offers equal value for those interested in the wider economic picture".

"The guide's release comes at a time when the global and local economic climate is changing, and more and more people need to understand the implications of monetary policy decisions. The guide provides a comprehensive resource for those navigating this process, helping them make informed decisions and understand the implications of the OCR on their personal and business finances".

MoneyHub is proud to offer this guide and hopes it will be a useful resource for many years. The guide is free on MoneyHub's website. It will be constantly updated to reflect the latest changes in the OCR and the Reserve Bank's policies.

More details: Official Cash Rate (OCR) Guide

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