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National’s Minister For Barry Crump A Slap In The Face For Those Facing Financial Pressure

The Taxpayers’ Union is telling the National Party not to waste money on a ridiculous “Minister for Hunting and Fishing”, which will add little, but cost a lot. Jordan Williams, a Spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Union said:

“It’s all very well to have a hunting and fishing policy, but a Minister – complete with staff and bureaucracy – is laughable. We might as well have a ‘Minister for the Weekend’ or a ‘Minister of Video Gaming’.

“You don’t need a permanent Minister to pass laws about hunting access, and to not licence sea fishing.

“These are the sorts of ‘Minister you’ve never heard of’ jobs we thought Christopher Luxon was promising to axe. Or does he not intend to follow that through?

“Kiwis are struggling to pay for groceries and fill the car, and that’s where National’s focus should be. Instead, the Party is creating a Minister for those heading out on the boat.

“Included in the policy is yet more support for Fish and Game. Fish and Game have a role to play - but there is nothing in this policy that tackles the fact that Fish and Game have turned into taxpayer funded sock-puppet lobbyists against nearly all forms of farming and development - forcing fishing licence holders to fund campaigning many do not agree with. It’s a racket, a cozy deal, and shouldn’t be allowed to continue.’

“No one who actually hunts or fishes would have come up with this idea. The policy should be tossed back in favour of far more import issues facing New Zealanders.”

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