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Month-long Campaign Kicks Off Encouraging Kiwis To Take A Moment To Get Their Money Sorted

Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission’s Sorted Money Month kicks off today (1 August), putting the spotlight on improving our financial lives for the next four weeks.

Money Month is an annual campaign run alongside organisations from across the financial sector, to raise awareness and engagement on money matters.

“This Sorted Money Month we’re encouraging Kiwis to hit pause and take a moment to find the information they need to make good financial decisions,” says Sorted Personal Finance Lead Tom Hartmann.

“When people are busy and struggling to navigate such challenging financial headwinds, it can be easy not to have the time to engage with their money. But checking in and getting support or advice can help get their money on track and make reaching goals easier to achieve.”

Throughout August, there will be over 50 Money Month events taking place across New Zealand. Sorted’s new event calendar allows people to sort by region to find out what is happening locally and get involved.

Sorted will be offering free money webinars throughout August, which will cover four areas of focus: everyday money management, debt, savings and KiwiSaver. These lunchtime webinars provide independent financial information for people on money topics they might find challenging, or just need an update on.

The National Strategy for Financial Capability partners have also got involved with their own events, including from Financial Advice New Zealand, Banqer, Mint Asset Management, as well as some fantastic local community initiatives providing a chance to get involved and learn more.

Kiwis are also encouraged to go to to find more information on savings, debt, managing everyday money and KiwiSaver.

“Our Sorted tools and guides provide independent information on money topics that many New Zealanders are looking for,” says Hartmann.

“When people have the tools to make informed decisions about their money, it helps them feel more in control.”

Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commisson’s Te whai hua – kia ora, Sorted in Schools programme is also leveraging Money Month to provide further opportunities for students to learn more about financial capability. Sorted in Schools is promoting a new card game called Money Mission – to kura and schools across New Zealand, giving students the opportunity to learn more about money while having fun.

“Sorted Money Month provides a whole month to build your knowledge about money, and make adjustments which will help your wellbeing and resilience going forward,” says Hartmann.

Notes to editors:

About Sorted

Sorted is a free service run by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission, the government-funded, independent agency dedicated to helping New Zealanders get ahead financially.

As New Zealand’s trusted personal finance site, Sorted has the information needed to tackle debt, plan and budget, save and invest, dial up your KiwiSaver, plan for retirement, protect what's important, and manage a mortgage. Providing tools, guides and blogs, Sorted can help no matter where you are at when it comes to money.

About Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission

Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission aims to help New Zealanders to retire with confidence. Retiring with confidence means New Zealanders feel secure they’ll have resources to live and the know-how to make ends meet.

We focus on three areas: Retirement Income Policies, Retirement Villages and Financial Capability.

Te Ara Ahunga Ora runs Sorted, Sorted at Work, Sorted in Communities and Te whai hua – kia ora, Sorted in Schools.

About Sorted Money Month

Sorted Money Month runs from 1 - 31 August. This year's theme “Pause: Get sorted” encourages Kiwis to take the time to take charge of their money and reach out and get information and support.

In addition to the webinars and live events, you can jump onto and find information based on what money stage you are at. A wide range of financial subjects are covered including Investing & Saving, Budgeting, Debt & Loans, KiwiSaver, and Retirement Planning.

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