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Matariki Commemoration At Waitangi Treaty Grounds

The Waitangi National Trust, are hosting a full programme of events including a Free Open Day to commemorate Matariki this July. Visiting Waitangi provides the perfect opportunity to embrace the themes of Matariki: reflection, celebration and preparation during the Māori New Year.

This year’s programme begins with pounamu and bone carving workshops. Other activities include rēwana & fried bread making workshops, a free holiday programme for school-aged tamariki and culminates on 16 July with a Free Open Day.

Last year more than 1500 people took the opportunity to visit on the Free Open Day to spend time in our museums, take part in a guided tour and cultural performance, visit the latest exhibition and enjoy the Matariki-inspired menu at Whare Waka Café.

The Open Day will also feature talks and demonstrations from artists who produced He Kākāriki Pōwhaitere, the current exhibition at Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

The exhibition ‘He Kākāriki Pōwhaitere’, features the works of 19 taiohi Māori artists and is the first milestone of the artists’ time in youth-focused two-year Māori arts programme Tai o Hī Tai o Hā, run by Toi Ngāpuhi.

Chairman of the Waitangi National Trust Pita Tipene said “it’s great to see Aotearoa embracing Matariki as more than just a new public holiday with more events and recognition of this important time.

“It’s an excellent time of year to get together with whānau at Waitangi Treaty Grounds over the long weekend, learn and reflect on our past, in particular Te Tiriti o Waitangi and look forward to the new year ahead.”

The events at Waitangi are part of a wider programme of events Matariki Pēwhairangi Festival 2023.

For more information about events at Waitangi Treaty Grounds visit:

For more information about the other Matariki Pēwhairangi Festival 2023 events visit:

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