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Lemon Angels Planning To Raise $1 Million To Help Children And Parents With Critical Illness Expenses

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – SEPETEMBER 27, 2023 – Lemon Angels today announced it is planning to help 100 families to raise $10,000 each for a total of $1 million that would go toward helping families faced with enormous medical challenges and travel expenses.

Lemon Angels is a social impact business that helps families with medical situations where they need to raise funds for travel or extra medical assistance. Paul Easton, the founder and director of Lemon Angels, does video interviews with families, allowing them to tell their story and share their story to get more people to donate to funding pages. Easton then publicizes the video on social media so as many people as possible have the opportunity to donate to the families in need or share it with their own networks.

“I decided to make the time and find the resources to help people desperate for expensive medical treatments,” said Easton. “I have begun with my own resources because this is so important to me.”

Easton’s larger goal is to build Lemon Angels into a big, profitable business, coming from the process of serving first. Ideally, a large company would want to buy into Lemon Angels and he’d still do the interviews with a larger base behind him to expand all over the world.

Easton added, “I want to help those families who must travel to Switzerland, Germany and other countries for treatments specific to certain cancers and various critical illnesses. I want to be that presence that people build trust in and want to make a difference in this world.”

He also provides Free guide on how to increase donations online and examples of How to ask for donations on social media.

People who want to give to a legitimate situation and positively affect the lives of others will find a worthy cause in Lemon Angels. It positively impacts the lives of people burdened with huge expenses for medical treatments and travel to key physicians sometimes having to spend six months out of the country.

Lemon Angels is “taking the lemon of buying a bad car, or poor situation,” said Easton. He has dedicated himself to these families and is developing outreach content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and any social media to spread the word about helping people desperate to save the lives of children and other family members. "Angels are those who do as little as spread the story on, so everyone can be part of the solution" he said.

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