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Kordia Broadens Coverage For Mission-critical Business With Starlink Internet

 Kordia has partnered with Starlink global distributor, Netlinkz Limited, to bring business grade, high speed, low latency satellite communication services to customers. The new addition will complement Kordia’s existing managed WAN services to provide better rural coverage to improve communication options for remote sites.

“We’re excited to be able to offer Netlinkz Starlink Business to our customers, especially those with operations in the more remote parts of New Zealand, and those that require mobile data options,” says Murray Goodman, Head of Product at Kordia.

“Over the past year, extreme weather conditions have also demonstrated the value of additional access options to support business continuity, especially for mission critical communications.”

“The addition of Starlink to our existing network options, encompassing UFB, Digital Microwave Radio and cellular data, means that Kordia customers now have access to unsurpassed coverage for business grade access, failover and diversity.”

James Tsiolis, CEO at Netlinkz, says they are pleased to partner with Kordia.

“We’re excited to be able to make Starlink more available to New Zealand businesses by partnering with Kordia. We’ve been impressed with Kordia’s dedication to providing resilient communications to their customers, and it’s great to be able to offer the benefits of Netlinkz Starlink to Kordia’s network.”

Kordia has an agency agreement with Netlinkz to enable customers to acquire Starlink terminals, installation services, first level support, reporting and billing. Customers will be able to access Netlinkz Starlink services and support through the Kordia network. The agreement also provides priority support and in-country spares for rapid restoration when needed.

Kordia is able to provide both fixed, mobile and maritime plans as part of this agreement, as well as professional installation options as part of the service.

Goodman says better connectivity options for rural customers will open the door to more innovation, particularly for customers in agriculture and primary industries.

“Kordia’s Netlinkz Starlink service can provide primary access to areas where there is no UFB, and mobile coverage is poor for high-speed diversity and failover options. This opens up new opportunities for industries that were previously held back by bandwidth limitations.”

“Similarly, the usage is not restricted to land. We’re already discussing the use case for customers with maritime operations, for example adding connections for ferries or ships.”

Goodman says there is also flexibility for short-term use, such as in events, or in emergency situations, as well as a failover option for critical sites when other services are down.

“With weather conditions and natural disasters providing risk around communications, many of our customers with critical operations are eager to look at failover options that don’t rely on UFB or cellular.”

“As long as power is available, you can easily turn on Starlink to get communications up and running again in an event where other services are experiencing outages.”

“Similarly, if you need pop-up internet for events, for example, to run security cameras or Eftpos machines, or event management you can look at mobile options that will allow temporary access to Starlink for as long as you need it.”

Goodman says the benefit of Kordia’s Netlinkz Starlink Business service is the better antenna technology which sees more satellites, the prioritised data and the management and support provided by Kordia and Netlinkz compared to the residential service web-based support model.

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