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Introducing The New Face Of Kindness In Aotearoa

The Kindness Collective is a nationwide charity that spreads kindness by connecting children and families with the things they need, from everyday essentials to moments of joy. Over the last few months, they’ve worked closely with Dave Clark to create a new brand identity that embodies the true essence of kindness in Aotearoa.

Says Sarah Page, CEO and founder of Kindness Collective: “After ten years of spreading kindness in our communities, we’ve got a new face that truly represents who we are, what we do and why it matters. From a new logo, an impactful and vibrant colour scheme, plus a design system we can use in-house, everything has really come together. We’re over the moon with the result and incredibly grateful to the talented team at Dave Clark for bringing our kindness kaupapa to life."

A tongikura from King Tāwhiao about strength and unity was the inspiration behind the reworked logo. “Our new Kindness Collective ‘K’ is blessed by Ngāti Whatua and Tainui kaumātua, and was inspired by a tongikura about togetherness. It’s a proverb about the way a reed that stands alone can be broken, but a group of reeds together is unbreakable,” says Page.

Katie Tat, General Manager at Dave Clark, says: “The team has poured their heart and soul into this project. We’re so proud of the work and think it really helps tell the story of Kindness Collective and their positive mission. We can’t wait to see their new look out in the world and hope it further drives the good work of Sarah and her team. Shout out also to UnLtd who connected us with Kindness Collective, and have been a great support in the process.”

The new brand has been brought to life through launch billboards, street posters, and a refreshed website design. Keep an eye out for the Kindness Collective Christmas Joy Store appeal in the coming months, where you could help Santa reach every child this year.

It takes all of us to make Aotearoa a little bit better, so head to and join the kindness movement today.

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