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InMobi Announces Its Global, Long-Term Net-Zero Carbon Aspirations With Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

InMobi, a leading provider of content, monetisation and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth, today announced its global sustainability commitment with Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), an organisation that drives ambitious climate action in the private sector by enabling companies to set science-based emissions reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement. More than 4,000 businesses around the world partner with SBTi to reach net-zero carbon emissions and help curb global warming.

InMobi’s official commitment to 'Near Term' and 'Net-Zero' categories on SBTi’s target dashboard initiates a 24-month goal validation process, at the end of which InMobi will commit to ambitious Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions reduction targets in line with SBTi sector guidelines and the GHG Protocol standards.

"InMobi’s science-based targets commitment is a pivotal step in our journey for decarbonisation and a net-zero climate goal. In the coming year, we will execute a clear strategy to maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste in our operations,” says Kunal Nagpal, Chief Business Officer at InMobi. " We look forward to working with our partners in the programmatic advertising space to create a more sustainable ecosystem, one impression at a time.”

Dedicated to reducing waste and demonstrating sustainability through different initiatives, InMobi continues its partnership for the second year with Givsly, the leading purpose driven B2B marketing solution. In addition to annual participation in Givsly’s Season Without Swag, a campaign to replace material gifts with nonprofit donations during the holiday season, InMobi will share the stage with Givsly at Cannes Lions 2023 to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and the path that can be taken for a sustainable ad tech stack.

While sharing her thoughts on this initiative, Jaclyn Hadida, Country Manager, ANZ at InMobi, says, “We are proud to be among the first few organisations in the ANZ advertising ecosystem that are taking action to fight climate change with SBTi. This step is one of the many efforts that InMobi is making to positively shape to the community we are a part of. Over the next two years, our team will strive to achieve the SBTi emission reduction targets.”

InMobi is also a founding member of AdTechCares, a 501 (c)(3) organisation that leverages ad tech to combat misinformation and keep humanity well. Most recently, InMobi was the primary audience partner in its campaign with AdTechCares and Project Drawdown, a nonprofit organisation working to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. The global campaign encourages climate action through powerful messaging that targets individual and systemic changemakers.

About InMobi

InMobi is a leading provider of marketing and monetisation technologies. With deep expertise and unique reach in mobile, it is a trusted and transparent technology partner for marketers, content creators and businesses of all kinds. InMobi’s mission is to power its customers’ growth by helping them engage their audiences and build meaningful connections. Its affiliated businesses – Glance, an unconsolidated subsidiary that offers a lock screen-based content discovery platform and video platform Roposo – help InMobi create new content and commerce experiences in a world of connected devices. InMobi is headquartered in Singapore, maintains a large presence in San Francisco and Bangalore and has operations in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, London and Dubai. To learn more, visit

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