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ICNZ ANZIIF 2023 Scholarship Launched

The Insurance Council of New Zealand - Te Kāhui Inihua o Aotearoa (ICNZ) and the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) are proud to announce The ICNZ Scholarship is now open for submissions.

The ICNZ and ANZIIF Scholarship is an annual scholarship that aims to recognise outstanding insurance professionals who demonstrate potential to become industry leaders.

Thanks to ICNZ, the winner will be awarded NZ$10,000 to attend an international conference or seminar program which will provide an excellent insurance industry or leadership-based development opportunity.

"ICNZ and ANZIIF are committed to investing in people and building the next generation of future industry leaders," says ICNZ Chief Executive Tim Grafton.

"This scholarship has opened many doors of opportunity for previous winners, significantly contributing to their professional development, leadership skills and industry networks. I encourage all eligible individuals to apply," added Prue Willsford, ANZIIF Chief Executive Officer.

To apply, entrants must submit a 2,500-word essay to provided questions on the topic:

The capability of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT to create text, auditory and visual content given prompts and existing data suggests potential applications to many sectors including for general insurance and its value chain. Discuss the benefits and risks for insurers of using this technology to recommend whether to adopt it, and, if so, how, or if not, why not?

Applications Close 6 November 2023. More information can be found on the Scholarship webpage.

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