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HVMS And AEM Partner To Drive Decarbonisation Efforts In New Zealand's Heavy Vehicle Industry

Heavy Vehicle and Machinery Services (HVMS) and Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating decarbonisation efforts within New Zealand's heavy vehicle industry. HVMS, a New Zealand company, based in the Bay of Plenty, specialising in low carbon heavy vehicle conversions, has joined forces with AEM, a leading UK manufacturer of "rare-earth free" and recyclable electric motor systems.

HVMS directors Richard Gatward, Scott Hale, and Wayne Crouch, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership. The company is dedicated to assisting companies in decarbonising their fleets through the conversion of existing diesel assets to electric drivetrain systems, powered by either batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. With its deep understanding of the New Zealand heavy vehicle industry, HVMS is well-positioned to support the transition to sustainable transportation solutions.

AEM, renowned for its innovative electric motor technology, offers "rare-earth free" electric motors that have gained global recognition. These motors, which remove the need for rare-earth metals and copper in their design, are currently integrated into various electric vehicles, including the Tevva electric truck. AEM's motors are also being used in development projects with several global vehicle manufacturers, such as Bentley, SAF Holland, CNHi and AsiaCab. The partnership with HVMS opens opportunities to expand AEM's presence in Australasia and explore new markets.

"We are excited to collaborate with AEM to drive decarbonisation efforts in the heavy vehicle industry," said Mark Irving, Business Development Manager of HVMS. "Our partnership brings together HVMS's expertise in heavy vehicle conversions and AEM's cutting-edge electric motor systems. Together, we can offer comprehensive solutions to companies looking to lower emissions and transition to electric drivetrains."

The partnership agreement includes HVMS becoming the exclusive indirect sales distribution agent, as well as the maintenance and repair agent for AEM equipment and technology in the heavy vehicle, machinery, and automotive sectors within the Australasian region. HVMS will seek projects that utilise AEM equipment, and both companies will collaborate on developing business opportunities and increasing awareness of the AEM range throughout Australasia.

"We believe that this partnership will play a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions in New Zealand," said James Widmer, CEO, and co-founder of AEM. "By leveraging HVMS's industry knowledge and client base, combined with AEM's advanced electric motor systems, we can drive the adoption of electric drivetrains in the heavy vehicle industry, contributing to a cleaner and greener future."

The collaboration between HVMS and AEM aligns with the global focus on decarbonisation and sustainable practices. Both companies are committed to supporting companies in their transition to electric drive trains and are exploring opportunities for localising production and assembly of AEM equipment using Australasian sourced materials.

This partnership aligns with the recent UK-NZ Free Trade Agreement announcement and the visit of UK Trade Envoy - David Mundell MP to Tauranga on 10th June 2023. It highlights the shared commitment between the UK and New Zealand to foster sustainable economic growth and combat climate change through innovative collaborations.

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About Heavy Vehicle and Machinery Services (HVMS):

Heavy Vehicle and Machinery Services (HVMS) is a New Zealand company specialising in low carbon heavy vehicle conversions. With a focus on decarbonisation and sustainability, HVMS offers a range of services to assist companies in transitioning to electric drivetrain systems. HVMS provides high-quality solutions and support, driving the adoption of clean and green transportation in New Zealand.

About Advanced Electric Machines (AEM):

Based in the northeast of England, Advanced Electric Machines was founded in 2017, when it was spun out from Newcastle University’s world-class electric motor research team, led by AEM’s CEO, Dr James Widmer, and CTO, Dr Andy Steven.

Advanced Electric Machines’ vision is to design and build the world’s most sustainable EV motors to the global automotive and transport sectors, from its UK facilities. It utilises its expertise in materials, manufacturing, and design to ensure its solutions are more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective.

It has registered several international patents on its proprietary technology since 2016.

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