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How To Establish Yourself As A Digital Nomad?

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs decide to become digital nomads. They are still business owners or self-employed entrepreneurs but the only difference is that they travel the world while working.

This certainly makes the working part more enjoyable and easier to manage. However, people don't take digital nomads too seriously. Just because someone is travelling the world, it doesn't undermine them as an entrepreneur. That said, managing work and travel is quite the accomplishment.

After all, an entrepreneur must manage their work-related responsibilities, while managing their travel plans at the same time. Most people struggle with work alone and manage their travels only during their vacation. So with that in mind, let's explore how you can establish yourself as a digital nomad.

Always have a travel plan

Before we delve deeper into the business aspects of being a digital nomad, let's focus on the nomadic part for a bit. Business owners or self-employed entrepreneurs should always have a travel plan if they wish to establish themselves as digital nomads.

In other words, you have to plan ahead regarding where you want to go and how long you will stay before switching destinations. So for example, if you're heading to New Zealand for a business conference, you should check reliable sources like Rentola that will help you find an apartment or house for the duration of your stay.

Moreover, you should research the paperwork you'll need to gain entry to the country, such as a Visa, valid passport and so on. And if you plan on staying in New Zealand for a while so that you can work from there, you must research local laws, regulations and taxation polices for digital nomads.

Choose your business structure

Even as a digital nomad, you're still a business owner. Self-employed or not, you need a business structure for your endeavours. Most solopreneurs choose sole proprietorship as their business structure, especially if you're a freelance nomad.

This is the cheapest and easiest structure to establish but all the liability is on the owner. Therefore, you might choose LLC (Limited Liability Company) instead, especially if you have employees working for you at remote offices or from home. In that case, the company carries the liability for the most part, which is a much more suitable structure for a business.

It's important to note that being a digital nomad isn't a job description, it's a lifestyle choice. Therefore, you're an entrepreneur first, meaning you have to establish yourself as one. The travelling part comes later once you have everything set up accordingly.

Consider taxation regulations

Being an entrepreneur who works overseas or remotely in general has its perks. You get to travel the world and see all the wonders it has to offer. However, from the business perspective, being a digital nomad has its disadvantages. In most cases, the most common obstacle is tax complications.

So for example, if your company is located in the US but you'd prefer to work from Australia for a while, you should consult with a professional regarding the IRS tax laws.

Earning income outside your country can be problematic, to say the least so you must sort everything out to avoid any penalties. Every country has specific laws regarding taxes and incomes so make sure you familiarize yourself with any regulations before you decide to become a digital nomad.

Network as much as you can

One thing about entrepreneurs who are digital nomads is that they have an opportunity to network globally. This is a great way to meet new people, potential investors or business associates and remote employees.

Therefore, digital nomads have a huge advantage when it comes to networking as they have an opportunity to meet various people in person. You can attend seminars, business conferences and many other related events that can help you meet the right people. Not only that but networking as a digital nomad allows you to promote your business and seek out different business opportunities.

You may wish to expand to the Australian market at some point, for instance, so it's a great idea to spend some time working there and meet people who will help you expand your endeavours to a foreign market. These people could be business partners, suppliers, vendors, customs brokers and so on. This is one of the main reasons why so many entrepreneurs decide to become digital nomads, in the first place.

Closing words

Even though being a digital nomad is more of a lifestyle choice, it's still part of your business agenda. As an entrepreneur travelling the world, you have a unique opportunity to both enjoy yourself and do great many things for your company. As long as you're able to manage your travels and work responsibilities, you can make the most out of two worlds and drive success no matter where you decide to go next.

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