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Hawke’ Bay Airport Releases Annual Statement Of Intent

Hawke’s Bay Airport released its 23/24 Statement of Intent, covering its operations for three years to 30 June 2026. As a council controlled organisation the Airport’s SOI is a public and legally required document, reviewed and agreed annually with the Airport’s shareholders – Napier City Council, Hastings District Council, and the Crown.

Key highlights in this year’s SOI include:

  • Rebuild and recovery from Cyclone Gabrielle is expected to create strong and ongoing demand for air connections to Hawke’s Bay, with a flow-on positive impact on revenue
  • A reset of key strategic initiatives following the cyclone with a focus on the immediate needs of the region with priority given to roading and infrastructure
  • Solar farm: preparation of consent application lodgement
  • Goal of establishing two new domestic connections by the end of the year
  • Commitment to diversify non-aeronautical revenues
  • Significant spending on runway and taxiway developments expected in FY25

Rob Stratford, CEO Hawke’s Bay Airport says the airport is pleased to present its 23/24 Statement of Intent.

“It sets a clear direction, and lets our community and other stakeholders know where we’re heading. Cyclone Gabrielle has refocused our priorities on connectivity and resilience.

"We will continue to progress the strategic objectives we have committed to, while acknowledging the role we have in supporting the region's recovery from Gabrielle.

“Right now our focus is supporting Hawke’s Bay with connections for passengers, optimising our airport facilities for growth, and diversifying our revenue streams,” he says.

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