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Gentrack Support Pulse Energy With The Launch Of Its Innovative Pet Insurance Offer For Customers

25 September 2023 -Gentrack (NZX/ASX: GTK), a next gen solution provider for utilities enables Pulse Energy to introduce an innovative Pet Insurance offer for their customers.

The entire project from conception to launch was achieved in 30 days. The result? An integrated cloud solution that not only supports Pet Insurance offers and information on energy bills, but also paves the way for additional insurance product offerings. Pulse Energy's commitment to innovation and customer experience is exemplified through this transformative partnership with Gentrack and Cove Insurance.

This landmark initiative represents a significant milestone in New Zealand's energy sector, as Pulse Energy becomes the first energy retailer to venture into the realm of Pet Insurance. It requires the integration of the Gentrack billing and customer management platform on AWS with the quoting and onboarding systems at Cove Insurance.

As the cost of living continues to impact households, Pulse Energy is committed to delivering not only cost-effective energy solutions but also unparalleled value to its customers through vertical product offerings. This started in 2022 with broadband services offered by Pulse Energy and has progressed to a competitively priced Pet Insurance product, offering customers a vital safeguard for their beloved pets. This strategic move underscores Pulse Energy's dedication to alleviating the financial burden of pet care for their customers, providing both economic relief and peace of mind.

Sharnie Warren, CEO, Pulse Energy said:
“Pulse energy customers now have access to more affordable Pet Insurance to care for their four-legged companions. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated partners Cove Insurance and Gentrack. Cove Insurance are disrupting the insurance space with a simple, fully digital customer experience. Gentrack have played a pivotal role in helping us to get this product to market quickly and enable us to now explore other offers for our customers.”

Allan Sampson, General Manager New Zealand, Gentrack said: 
"It's great to see Pulse Energy thinking outside the box to bring added value to customers, whilst making life a little easier amidst increasing costs of living for families in New Zealand. Now that the platform is in place, we are excited to see additional products brought to market, beyond traditional energy and telco. There is a real race to deliver enhanced value to customers and prove that energy retailers can play a bigger role in our everyday lives."

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