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Flick Electric Partners With Wellington Free Ambulance

Wellington-based electricity retailer Flick Electric is thrilled to announce the launch of its community support partnership with longstanding local organisation, Wellington Free Ambulance.

It is the first multi-year community partnership for Flick, marking a significant milestone for the power company which now serves over 32,000 customers, and representing Flick’s commitment to be deliberately on the side of New Zealanders.

As a company that is homegrown in Te Whanganui-a-Tara and headquartered in the city’s CBD, Flick takes immense pride in collaborating with Wellington Free Ambulance, which provides vital emergency services in the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa region. It is the only emergency service in this area and the only free ambulance service in Aotearoa.

Flick recognises the essential role played by Wellington Free Ambulance in safeguarding the community and is determined to support the organisation in maintaining their critical services.

Through this partnership, Flick will take on the role of electricity retailer for the Wellington Free Ambulance sites, providing them with access to affordable electricity. Flick will also provide funding, which will help Wellington Free Ambulance keep its services free of charge to anyone who needs them.

It is a collaboration grounded in shared values, with Wellington Free Ambulance’s mission to protect our communities and our most vulnerable people aligning closely with Flick’s ethos of championing fairness and standing up for what is right.

Neisha Ashaye, Chief Marketing Officer at Flick, says, "We're incredibly proud to join forces with Wellington Free Ambulance. It’s an iconic organisation here in Wellington, and one that our local communities could not do without.

At Flick, we’re passionate about being on the side of Kiwis, whether they’re our customers or not. By partnering with Wellington Free Ambulance, we feel we can really make a difference in our home region, and we’re excited to support them in their exceptional and essential mahi."

Claire Carruthers, GM Fundraising and Communications at Wellington Free Ambulance, says, "Our new partnership with Flick is fantastic on several levels. Their support will help keep our (rather large!) electricity bills affordable, and their donation helps us keep the ‘free’ in Wellington Free Ambulance.

They’re keen to support our annual Onesie Appeal too, and we’re excited to see the onesies they pull out for that! Supporters like Flick are absolutely essential in keeping our services running and we’re so grateful for their generosity."

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