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Cortex Hits New Milestone

A significant Cortex milestone has been hit in the last month at Sense Medical’s foundation customer Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury.

Sense Medical Co-Founder Dr Alistair Rumball-Smith says this “equates to hundreds of thousands of previous time-consuming pages, phone calls or corridor consults instead all completed in seconds with Cortex Tasking & Comms”

“In conjunction with over 8 million structured clinical documents, the power and impact of a truely inter-disciplinary care coordination platform is being realised every day by Cortex-using clinicians.”

Unlike some clinical tasking solutions that are stand-alone, Cortex tasks are part of the patients longitudinal record and communication between clinicians in Cortex is encapsulated within the framing of a task. Any member of the patient’s Circle of Care has real-time visibility of the status of the task ie incomplete, delegated or completed alongside the discussions between clinicians.

Jessica Carey, a senior surgical Charge Nurse at Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury, says Cortex tasking has transformed the way clinicians communicate and significantly increases the efficiency of care delivery

“Using Cortex is so much easier and better than paging, calling or using a whiteboard. The whole team can see the status of jobs to be done which is hugely important, especially when we are getting patients ready for discharge to clear a bed”

Hannah Snowcroft, a RMO, isn’t surprised to see the 1 million task milestone.

“As a junior doctor, with patients all over the hospital, Cortex is a total lifesaver. Nurses and Allied Health team members can send us tasks without needing to call or page with immediate feedback knowing this has been received and acted upon. We can simply ask questions or comment and receive responses in real time. Being able to keep track of patients, instantly access observations and blood results along with the status of plans; improves efficiency, decreases the chance for errors and benefits patients care. I cant imagine working in a hospital without Cortex.”

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