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Chemist Warehouse Raises $350,000 For Kiwi Charities

Aotearoa's leading community pharmacy group, Chemist Warehouse, has raised more than $350,000 for several Kiwi Charities.

Running throughout the Super Ruby Season, the Chemist Warehouse Super Raffle Campaign raised $352,093 for charities, more than doubling the $140,000 raised in 2022.

With the support of local suppliers and customers in communities across the country, Chemist Warehouse raised $53,649 for Variety, $42,642 for the Blues Charitable Trust, $43,730 for Life Flight, $172,677 for I AM HOPE, and $41,518 for Movember.

I AM HOPE, was thrilled with the funds raised during the Super Raffle and in-store activations.

"Having a well-known brand like the Chemist Warehouse coming in and enabling us to help our young people is extremely valuable.”

"The cheque we received is going to make a difference to over 300 Kiwi kids who may be struggling with depression or feel isolated and alone; thank you so much," said I AM HOPE Founder Mike King.

Robert Dunne, Country Manager for Movember NZ, said the partnership with Chemist Warehouse and the Highlanders had been pivotal in regularly reaching large groups of men to provide essential men's health messages and fund life-changing programmes.

"Working with the Highlanders and Chemist Warehouse during the Charity Round of Super Rugby has been a fantastic boost and addition to Movember in 2023. Both those organisations have shared values with Movember and talk to large groups of men regularly, which helps us get important men's health messaging to an often hard-to-reach group."

"The funds raised were substantial and will help us fund programmes like Mind Set Engage that are delivered by rugby people for rugby people; it is fantastic to receive support from great rugby communities like in the deep South and then be able to fund programmes that support them back."

"Movember believes that sport and rugby is one of the great men's health tools, and this type of partnership showcased that."

Sebastian Grodd, Head of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications for Life Flight, said:

"Life Flight relies on our local community and kind partners like Chemist Warehouse and The Hurricanes to keep flying. This generous donation will keep our Air Ambulance Planes and Westpac Rescue Helicopter ready to fly 24/7 so we can respond urgently when every moment counts."

Chemist Warehouse New Zealand CEO Azman Haroon said each year, the company looks at ways to support and raise money for charities that are the lifeblood of communities across the country and that this year's efforts were outstanding.

"It's been incredible to see our fundraising efforts double this year, with the Super Rugby teams, our suppliers and customers putting in tremendous effort to support Kiwi Charities who are making a huge difference to everyday New Zealanders.”

"Chemist Warehouse is all about enhancing community healthcare outcomes via the most effective and efficient means, whether that’s free-of-charge consultations, free prescriptions or assistance with long-term illnesses and medication."

Chemist Warehouse now has 43 stores in New Zealand and employs more than 180 pharmacists nationwide.

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