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Business North Harbour Unveils An Exciting Opportunity To Celebrate Achievement Despite Recent Adversities

Business North Harbour is proud to announce the launch of the Purple Ink Recruitment Business North Harbour Business Excellence Awards 2023. These prestigious awards have been established to recognise and showcase the remarkable achievements of our members operating within the dynamic and flourishing North Harbour business community.

The BNH Business Excellence Awards serve as a platform for businesses of all sizes and stages, from fledgling start-ups to seasoned veterans, to reflect upon their accomplishments and gain well-deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Whether a business has been in operation for 2 months or 22 years, this is an exceptional opportunity to showcase achievements and contribute to our collective vision for a thriving and prosperous future for the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID).

The finalists and winners of these awards will be celebrated at a highly anticipated Gala Event on the evening of Friday 17th November. However, this event will be more than just an evening of glitz and glamour; it will be an occasion to honour and applaud the resilience, innovation, and determination demonstrated by our local business community.

We invite business owners to seize this opportunity to showcase their business and become an integral part of an unforgettable evening of celebration and recognition. By participating in the Purple Ink Business North Harbour Business Excellence Awards, Businesses will not only gain visibility for their brand but will also inspire others with stories of success and determination over the last few years of challenges.

• To submit an entry or nomination, or learn more about the 7 award categories, criteria, and submission process, please visit our official website here.

• Each of the categories are proudly supported by a Business from within the BID.

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