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BlinkPay Unveils .NET SDK To Simplify E-commerce Payment Integration

Māori fintech BlinkPay Global Group Ltd today announces the launch of its new open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET, now available on GitHub and NuGet. This innovative code library is designed to simplify the integration process for online businesses using .NET for their backend systems, enabling seamless connection with Blink PayNow and Blink AutoPay.

Chris Riddell, BlinkPay's Chief Technology Officer, expressed his excitement about the new release, stating, "Our .NET SDK simplifies the payment process, allowing merchants and their customers to process payments quickly and easily. This not only builds trust with customers but also assures them that they are secure, and using a bank-approved payment service."

Adrian Smith (Ngāpuhi), BlinkPay's Chief Product Officer, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the company's commitment to innovation. "This new tool is a significant step towards our goal of making quick, affordable payments more accessible for NZ businesses and organisations. We're paving the way for the future of payment services, and the .NET client library is the next step on our journey."

Rey Vincent Babilonia, BlinkPay's Principal Software Engineer, shared his insights on the technical aspects of the new SDK. "The .NET SDK is designed with user experience in mind. It's not just about making integration easier; it's about creating a tool that developers will find intuitive and efficient to use. We're excited to see how this will transform the way merchants in New Zealand handle their payment processes."

Interested businesses are invited to sign up to receive their client credentials and start integrating with the new .NET SDK.

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