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Auckland Airport Welcomes Football Fans With Giant Runway Sign

With teams and fans of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ starting to arrive, Auckland Airport has painted an 80metre by 40metre ‘Game On!’ welcome sign on the grass at the Eastern end of the runway.

The sign will greet an estimated 80 per cent of passengers, including football players, fans and travellers, as they fly in to land.

Auckland Airport Chief Customer Officer Scott Tasker said the sign completes the warm kiwi welcome Auckland Airport has put on as a welcome to the host city.

“Auckland Airport is the main gateway to New Zealand, and we have a unique opportunity to make a special first impression,” commented Mr Tasker.

The runway signage is in addition to Auckland Airport’s 22metre by 17metre football field at International Arrivals, including grandstands, which creates a moment that resembles walking out of aplayer’stunnelandontothepitch.

“Welcoming sports heroes to Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is something we’ve been really looking forward to, so we’re showing our support for this global women’s sporting tournament by creating an arrivals experience like no other,” said Mr Tasker.

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