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ANZIIF Making A Difference Award Recognises Ben Marsh's Contributions During 2023 Natural Disasters

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) is pleased to announce the winner of the ANZIIF Making a Difference Awards in the Claims category, Ben Marsh of Sedgwick.

The awards honour individuals who have gone above and beyond to display professionalism in their workplace and with their customers. Ben received the award in recognition of his dedication and relentless effort supporting the customer.

At the start of 2023, regions across the North Island of New Zealand experienced widespread catastrophic floods. Just two weeks later, Cyclone Gabrielle battered parts of the North Island and affected areas of Vanuatu and Australia.

In the face of these challanges, Marsh and his team rose to the challenge. Speaking about his approach during this time, Marsh emphasized the coordinated efforts of his team, stating that, "I like to think that my approach to the work I do embodies Sedgwick’s ‘Caring Counts’ ethos which ultimately means that the customers we support on behalf our clients have a less stressful claims process during a particularly difficult time for them."

In response to winning the award Marsh commented, "It's humbling to have received the Making a Difference Award from ANZIIF and to be recognised for the hard work that both my team and I put into supporting the response to this year’s significant Auckland Flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle weather events."

ANZIIF extends its congratulations to Ben Marsh, commending his contributions and commitment to professional excellence.

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