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Annual Enterprise Survey: 2022 Financial Year (provisional)

The annual enterprise survey (AES) is New Zealand’s most comprehensive source of financial statistics covering around 500,000 businesses. It provides annual information on the financial performance and financial position for industry groups operating in New Zealand.

Key facts

Provisional results for all AES industries are for the 2022 financial year, compared with the 2021 financial year.

  • Total income increased by $89.9 billion (11.9 percent) to $847.3 billion.
  • Total expenditure increased by $80.2 million (12.2 percent) to $735.0 billion.
  • Businesses earned $124.2 billion in surplus before income tax – up $21.4 billion (20.8 percent).
  • The increase in surplus before income tax in 2022 was primarily driven by operating surplus before tax (excludes non-operating income and expenses).
  • Total assets increased by $235.7 billion (9.4 percent) to $2.8 trillion.
  • Businesses made a 5-percent return on assets – up by 1 percentage point.

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