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AMI data reveals 10 most collision prone suburbs

AMI is urging drivers to remain alert, as new claims data reveals the most accident-prone suburbs in the country. 

 Auckland city centre, Christchurch city centre and Henderson (in West Auckland) have the highest rates of collisions in New Zealand. 

 Other areas on the Top 10 List include Albany, Glenfield, Mount Maunganui, East Tamaki, central Dunedin, Mount Wellington, and central Hamilton. 

 The data revealed that 40% of all collisions take place late in the day, between 1pm and 6pm. 

 AMI’s Executive General Manger Claims, Wayne Tippet says, “This rush hour period often sees grid lock and agitated driver behavior. 

 “Traffic can be frustrating, but you should always remain calm and alert to ensure you make smart, responsible decisions. 

 “Interestingly, the second busiest period for collisions is late morning, which tends to be a much quieter time on the roads. 

 “Most of those collisions happen in car parks when shoppers are catching the quieter periods. 

 “We also see many claims during this period where drivers fail to stop or mistake a light as green for their lane. This points to the importance of remaining alert and conscious of safety, even if the roads are quieter. 

 “Often the late morning collisions are between drivers who have held a license for more than a decade. Even if you have years of experience on the road, you should never become complacent behind the wheel.” 

 Friday is the riskiest day of the week on the road, with 16% of all collisions occurring.  

 Thursday comes in second, followed by Wednesday, Tuesday, Saturday, Monday, and Sunday. 

 In the event of a collision, AMI recommends drivers: 

·       Stop where it is safe to do so and make sure everyone is okay. 

·       Exchange details with the other driver including the other driver’s name, their address, phone number, email, license number, and their vehicle registration number. 

·       Take photographs of all the damage. 

·       Check if the other party has insurance and encourage them to lodge a claim also. Take a note of their insurance company if they know it. 

·       Collect the details of any witnesses. 

·       Contact your insurer to lodge your claim. 

 Top 10* car collision locations around New Zealand: 

·       Auckland City Centre (6505) 

·       Christchurch Centre (5046) 

·       Henderson (3916) 

·       Albany (3106) 

·       Glenfield (3029) 

·       Mount Maunganui (2987) 

·       East Tamaki (2889) 

·       Dunedin Centre (2843) 

·       Mount Wellington (2799) 

·       Hamilton Centre (2633) 

 How do the cities rank? * 

·       Auckland (33.9%) 

·       Christchurch City (10.9%) 

·       Wellington City (4.8%) 

·       Hamilton City (4%) 

·       Tauranga City (3.4%) 

·       Dunedin City (2.7%) 

·       Lower Hutt City (2.3%) 

·       Whangarei District (1.9%) 

·       Palmerston North City (1.8%) 

·       New Plymouth District (1.5%) 

 AMI motor claims – time of day* 

·       Early morning (5am - 10am) - 17.5% 

·       Late morning (10am - 1pm) - 24.9% 

·       Afternoon (1pm - 6pm) - 40.7% 

·       Evening (6pm - 10pm) - 13.3% 

·       Night (10pm - 5am) - 3.6% 

 *Based on AMI Insurance motor claims data over 36 months between 25 May 2020 – 25 May 2023. Suburbs are rated highest collisions received to lowest. 

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