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AbacusBio Launching New Office In Canada To Cater For Growth

AbacusBio, a New Zealand-based, world-leading agri-science consultancy specialising in genetics, data science, economics, and digital tech, is about to launch a new office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to cater for growth in the region.

Currently, the group, which is headquartered in Ōtepoti (Dunedin), has more than 60 team members from 16 different nationalities working to bridge the gap between business and science across agricultural value chains. They have worked with over 500 clients in various agricultural industries across the globe and have hosted more than 100 interns and 20 PhD placements to date.

The new office, which opens on Thursday, 29 June, will allow AbacusBio to better service its current and prospective clients in Canada and beyond, develop more specialised solutions catered towards specific markets, and benefit from an extended talent pool as it expands operations, says Dr Peter Amer, Group Managing Director for AbacusBio.

Plans to develop operations in Canada were initiated due to growing relations and collaboration opportunities in the region. The new office will be managed by Dr John Crowley, a consulting partner with the AbacusBio group. He will be joined by two Aotearoa New Zealand consultants later in the year to kickstart the company’s third location, which will stand alongside Edinburgh (United Kingdom) and its founding office in Ōtepoti, Dunedin.

Dr Crowley said that before joining AbacusBio, it was a company he admired for years. “The culture, the passion and drive for applied solutions in ag and forestry, and the high quality of project delivery are of exceptional note, especially in the genetics and analytics space.” He says it was a privilege to join them. “And now I am excited to be able to bring one of the best agri-science companies in the world to Canada. From the local Edmonton ecosystem, to the broader North American industries, we offer a breadth of experience in improving profitability and environmental impact in food and fibre production,” says Dr Crowley.

Dr Amer says during the past 10 years, AbacusBio has taken its expertise in animal genetics and breeding and applied it to plant breeding programmes, as plant improvements form a vital part of solving food security and environmental challenges of the future. The company has been involved with several North American clients such as Bayer Crop Sciences, American Angus Inc., Canadian Angus, Americot, Semex, Cermaq, CDN (Lactanet) and the Universities of Alberta and Guelph. There are hopes to continue to strengthen those relationships, while growing the already extensive reach and range of expertise that the AbacusBio Group offers.

“With five AbacusBio employees including myself as Canadian University Alumni, we are strongly motivated to contribute to the future of Canadian Agriculture, as part of a key strategic move for our rapidly growing global business,” says Dr Amer.

AbacusBio is hosting a launch event on June 29 at Edmonton Global’s office alongside leaders and stakeholders from the agriculture, environment, and forestry sectors, supported by Edmonton Global, Invest Alberta, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

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