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3 Tech Resources To Help With A Career Change

Gone are the days of lifelong employment with a single company. These days, many people instead work a series of different jobs with multiple employers. Some go a step further and change careers at least a few times over the course of their life. However, just because changing careers is becoming increasingly common doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy.

While exciting, if you’re beginning a whole new career, it will likely introduce a host of challenges to overcome. You’ll doubtless need to dust off your old resume, update your skill set, and practice interviewing, for example. Thankfully, there is an abundance of technology available today that you can use to make changing your career much less difficult. Here are just three of the valuable tech resources that you can start using right now.

1. Resume Builders

First things first. Before you get back out into the world of interviews, you’re going to need to update your resume. After all, it’s one of the best ways to help a potential employer understand all the amazing things you’ve accomplished. A good resume condenses your relevant skills and experiences into an easily digestible morsel. The problem is, it can be difficult to convey why a skill or experience is transferable from one career to another.

Say you just spent 10 years working as a graphic designer for a publishing company. Not only did you produce countless visual art assets, but you also led a design team in your final few years. And now you want to start working in the financial technologies industry. How do you convey which elements of your career history translate to working in fintech?

This is where many resume writers struggle to illustrate the value they bring to the table. It’s also where an AI resume builder can come to the rescue. This tool can take your work history and format a resume that underscores your strengths. Better yet, it will tailor your resume to highlight whichever skills and experiences are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. By leveraging an AI resume builder, you’ll be able to bridge the gap between your previous career and your desired one.

2. Online Courses

Using an AI-driven resume tool is a great way to help translate your skill set from one career to another. But what if you want to explore a new career entirely — one that you might not have the skills for? Going back to school is a legitimate option to consider. However, getting a degree can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention take hundreds of hours. Thankfully, there is a simpler alternative.

Education has adapted to the internet, just as many other industries have. So it’s no longer necessary for you to put your life on pause to go back to school. By taking courses or pursuing certifications online, you can develop a valuable skill set on your own terms. That’s because online courses are often cheaper, shorter, and more flexible than their in-person counterparts.

Another benefit of studying online is that it lets you try something without committing massive amounts of time or resources to it. Say you love reading mystery novels and want to write your own someday. You could quit your job and dive head-first into a creative writing program, hoping for the best. Or you could take a creative writing course online.

With the latter approach, discovering whether you’re suited to the daily grind of novel writing won’t consume two years of your life. Taking an online course can help you prepare for a career change without the usual burdens associated with traditional education.

3. Digital Mock Interviews

So now your resume is updated, you’ve improved your skill set, and you’ve already started applying to a few different jobs. Great news — a potential employer has responded, and they want to interview you for the position. However, the last time you went for an interview, Blockbuster was still renting out the latest straight-to-DVD movies. You know that an interview can make or break your application, so you have to nail this one.

Needless to say, you’re going to require some practice. Now, you could ask a friend to pretend to be an interviewer so you can practice going through the motions. And you’d probably get some benefit from doing so. But you’d likely make much better use of your time by undergoing a digital mock interview instead.

A digital mock interview is a simulated interview experience conducted online via video conferencing platforms. You’ll connect with a trained professional or an AI solution that will facilitate an approximation of the actual interview process. Afterward, you’ll receive plenty of feedback to help you shore up any weak points you may have. Digital mock interviews provide ample opportunity to practice and improve your skills so you can crush the real thing.

Strengthen Your Application With Tech

Changing your career can be a challenging yet exciting experience to navigate. Luckily, with the help of various tech resources, you can make the whole process much easier. So if you’re feeling unsure about a potential career change, consider using some of the tools on this list. They can help you address any deficits you have so you can approach your next job application with confidence.

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