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Meet Foxy and Foggy, double trouble and double fun

Foxy (left) and his sister, Foggy are a pair of fascinating and feisty felines. (Karl Ng pic)

It was a rainy day in 2021 when Chloe Ng spotted two kittens hiding in the bushes of her garden. They looked so tiny, and their mother was nowhere to be found.

An animal lover, she couldn’t bear to leave the kittens alone in the cold and took them in. She fed them some milk, and later at night, she played a recording of cricked sounds to help them sleep.

She was beside herself with joy when her parents decided to adopt them. Chloe’s father, Karl named the male kitten, Foxy because he looked like a little fox!

According to 13-year-old Chloe, she named the female kitten ‘Foggy’ because the family wanted a name that started with “f” and ended with “y”.

Foggy (left) and Foxy looked frightened when first rescued but they have since flourished in their new fur-ever home. (Karl Ng pic)

In the early days, Foxy was confident and brave although his sister took longer to adjust to her new surroundings. Today, Foxy is a real ‘daddy’s boy’ and follows Karl everywhere – curiously like a dog! Meanwhile, Foggy is more attached to Chloe.

Foxy is ‘daddy’s boy’ who enjoys following Chloe’s father, Karl, around. (Karl Ng pics)

The cats, like most humans, have a typical love-hate sibling relationship. “Sometimes, they get along, sometimes they fight. They mostly fight over their toys,” Chloe said.

And their territories too! While Foxy likes chilling downstairs, Foggy prefers the upstairs. When her brother makes an appearance in her “zone”, the feisty feline makes her displeasure known!

Foxy also tends to “steal” Chloe’s hair bands, the pink ones being his favourite, carrying it to his sister to play with. The Ngs now suspect that the cats communicate with each other, and it is Foggy who is instructing her brother to carry out the naughty deed!

Foggy enjoys killing pests that wander into her home, although she has since discovered that they do not taste good. (Karl Ng pic)

Curiously, Foxy has mastered the art of opening closed doors by jumping up and pulling the handle down!

The felines are also effective pest controllers. “They like to find cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes and kill them. But Foggy always tries to eat them. She will chew and spit it out, chew again and spit again!” Chloe said, laughing.

Obviously, the pests aren’t as tasty as she thought they’d be – but thankfully, there’s the daily diet of wet food she can rely on to fill her tummy.

Chloe Ng with Foggy, who does not appear pleased to have her human’s trophy and medals in the photo. (Karl Ng pic)

Needless to say, both felines bring fun and laughter to the Ng family.

Chloe, who is a figure skater, said she enjoys coming home after a gruelling day of school and training at the ice rink to the kitties who greet her by rubbing themselves against her legs. What a purr-fectly wonderful welcome!

When she first decided to give them a fur-ever home, she believed that although saving two kittens wouldn’t change the world, she decided that she would change theirs.

And how heartwarming it is that in turn, they have brought immense joy to her world.

This article was written by Sheela Vijayan @ FMT Lifestyle. Read more pet stories here.

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