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My essentials: Cher Camilleri’s cultural picks

1. Book

I am reading Elvis’s biography and so far, I’m really enjoying it. It’s interesting to read about him as a person rather than him as this entertainer who seemed bigger than life. I never knew how much he struggled and how unhappy he was with what he achieved creatively throughout his life. Despite his success, he lived quite a miserable life, which is a great big pity. It also reminds me of the importance of appreciating what we have in the moment and enjoying the process more than the result.

2. Film

I lately re-watched for maybe the 5th time, Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy, particularly the first one Before Sunrise. So real and special. I enjoy slow movies; ones where vulnerable conversations flow and it feels so honest and real to the point where it feels almost like you’re eavesdropping. Something about these two strangers connecting and just wandering the streets of Vienna sharing parts of themselves captivates me.

3. TV/Internet

I regularly follow Jon Mallia’s Podcasts. I always find them to be very informative and insightful and thought provoking. The last one I heard was of Josette Ciappara and I found it to be very inspiring and full of wisdom which we need to apply to our daily lives. Also, the hoarder inside me enjoys the fact that there are these long insightful conversations documented for future generations to see. It excites me.

4. Music

The album of the year for me this year must be Caroline Polachek’s Desire, I want to turn into you. At this point in time, I played it so much already that I had to take a little break from it, but I will soon be returning to this masterpiece. I had the opportunity to go and hear her live last June in the Netherlands and she also happens to be a great performer. I have also been playing on repeat Kelly Lee Owen’s album Inner Song, and Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Paul’s album Topical Dancer.

5. Place

My favourite place must be Pokhara, Nepal. More specifically the North Lakeside area. I always found it to be very peaceful, and a quiet place where time seems to slow down. Beautiful waterfalls, majestic mountains. I found the locals to be very warm and kind as well. It’s a special place for me that held me in moments where I needed to rest, learn and unlearn, and gather myself. I think it will always be a place I keep returning to.