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Time for action on perpetual traffic problems plaguing the Principality, says National Council

Time for action on perpetual traffic problems plaguing the Principality, says National Council

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Monaco’s National Council has called on the government to put in place an immediate plan to improve access to the Principality and alleviate the current traffic pressures that are causing endless jams and lengthy commutes. 

Anyone who has driven to and from Monaco, particularly during peak times, will be all too familiar with the long queues, slow moving traffic and widespread frustration experienced by the many thousands of others road users who make the arduous journey each day. It’s a national problem exacerbated by the road works and road closures in and around Monaco, and has come to be viewed as something of a plague on Principality. 

Now the National Council, the elected body that votes on bills and budgets proposed by the government, has added its voice to the chorus of calls for improved access in and out of the Principality ahead of an official round of debates on amendments to the state budget. 

Its members have said they would like the government “to compensate for the paralysis of traffic, which intensifies year after year” by taking the bull by the horns and implementing a plan that is up to the considerable challenge.  


National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès invited the press on 25th September to put the issue into the spotlight. Joined by Nathalie Amoratti-Blanc, President of the Environment and Quality of Life Commission, as well as Jade Aureglia, Vice-President for Sustainable Town Planning and Major Works, and Karen Aliprendi, Vice-President for Mobility, she spoke of the “urgency” of making planning decisions on the topic. 

Meanwhile, on social media, the National Council proposed the “construction of an express metro line between Nice and Monaco, connected to all transport networks, so that commuters no longer have to take their cars on their way home and to work”. 

Other traffic-relieving measures will be suggested, the Council says, “in the coming days”, and will be reported via their various platforms.  

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