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Warner Bros. defends controversial Barbie film's map, deets inside

Los Angeles [US], July 7 (ANI): Warner Bros.' highly anticipated movie 'Barbie' has sparked controversy due to a specific scene that recognizes an Asian political conflict. The film stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles.

As per Variety, the film contains a scene that depicts a map with the "nine dash line," a representation of China's territorial claims in the South China Sea, which Vietnam said that it violates its sovereignty.

The particular map scene led to the film's ban in Vietnam.

After facing backlash, a spokesperson for the Warner Bros. Film Group spoke to Variety.

The spokesperson said, "The map in Barbie Land is a child-like crayon drawing. The doodles depict Barbie's make-believe journey from Barbie Land to the 'real world.' It was not intended to make any type of statement."The film, directed by Greta Gerwig, was set to hit theatres in Vietnam on July 21, aligning with its big-screen release in most countries around the world.Vietnam state media, however, announced that the movie will not be released owing to the map.

"We do not grant license for the American movie 'Barbie' to release in Vietnam because it contains the offending image of the nine-dash line," said Vietnam state-run Tuoi Tre newspaper citing the head Department of Cinema Vi Kien Thanh.Vi Kien Thanh said the decision was decided by Vietnam's National Film Evaluation Council.

This is not the first time the inclusion of the nine-dash line has stirred controversy in the cinematic scene.

In the past, the MTRCB blocked the release of the film "Uncharted" in the Philippines due to similar concerns. (ANI)