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Venezuelans on the move, what about Guyanese?

Venezuelans on the move, what about Guyanese?


Dear Editor,

The Venezuelan President is speaking from both sides of his mouth.  On one side he echoes the desire to hold talks with Guyana’s President and Caricom on the border controversy.  While from the other side, he ramps up a working-class march in defence of Essequibo, while seeking to hold a referendum for the populace to decide on the spurious claim by the country over a sovereign state.

Can the Venezuelan President be trusted that his intentions are honourable, that he wants a clear resolution when he throws up stumbling blocks, including damming the World Court which has the final say?

Venezuelans are marching for Essequibo but their President seems confused, sends mixed messages. Now more than ever our mantra, “Not a blade of grass must be louder.”  Perhaps the song should be redone in Spanish so Senor Maduro can understand, while he marches, we too are marching resolutely!


Shamshun Mohamed