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True development can come to any country only when there is peace

Dear Editor,
President Irfaan Ali, while in Britain for the coronation of King Charles III, took the grand opportunity to meet with some of the Heads of Government of other countries. Rwandan President Paul Kagame was one of them.
Being a developing country like ours, there would have been many important things to discuss pertaining to the development of both countries.
Rwanda is a success story when it comes to the development of a Third World country. We are talking here about a Third World country moving away from being a backwater underdeveloped state to one that can stand up and take its place as an honourable developing country.
Yes, we can truly identify with Rwanda, having gone through those dark traumatic experiences of conflict and bloodshed, yet rising like the mythical phoenix from the ashes to renewed strength and future development.
Now, there are a few things that I would like us to direct our attention to, as the violence factor and senseless killing of people. like Rwanda, we’ve had our fair share of violence and subversive activities through the years. I am speaking of people being pitted against people, political party against political party, race against race, the chief objective in it all being to divide and destroy this country for the narrow political ambitions of a few.
For this same reason, I took keen interest when mass murderer Rhondell Willams made his daring escape from prison. What was in it for us? Were we to see another period of bloodshed? Williams being a former notorious member of Fineman’s brainwashed “revolutionaries,” were we again to witness another episode of mass murder, such as the Lusignan and Bartica Massacres?
Yes, we remember those days, when it seemed that this country was teetering on the verge of a civil war. We remember! We remember the fiery speeches of those who thrive on hate, division, and the murder of those whom they deem their opponents, saying: “Turn your guns in the right direction.” We remember those days.
So, with eager anticipation, we waited and watched the lawmen’s response to the recapture of this remnant of a mass murdering gang. He was recaptured, dead of course, in a fitting end to one who believed in the ghastly deed of man’s inhumanity to man.
The usual suspects never savoured the lawmen’s recapture of this element. Rather, they were in cheerleader euphoria at his escape, and, in like manner, gloated in the violence that he was expected to unleash. But that did not happen, thanks to The Almighty, to Police Commissioner Hicken and Crime Chief Blanhum. We will keep these professionals in their post for as long as the Constitution affords us.
The point is: our country must move forward in the spirit of peace and development. Simply put, true development can come to any country only when there is peace.

Neil Adams