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Suspect in Leopold Street murder still not arrested, seen in area

Almost a month after 18-year-old Noel Fraser of Leopold Street was stabbed to death while trying to make peace during a fight, the suspect remains on the run, and was reportedly seen in the area only recently.
It was reported that Fraser was at home at about 7:45h on that fateful day when he heard a commotion nearby. Upon checking, he saw it was a fight involving two of his friends. As such, he left his house with the intention of bringing a measure of calm to the situation; unfortunately, however, he ended up being stabbed in the process.

Dead: Noel Fraser

After receiving the injury, Fraser ran into an adjoining yard and collapsed. The Police were summoned, and ranks rushed the teen to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.
The suspect, meanwhile, ran from the scene and has since not been located. He is said to be a 25-year-old gold miner from Leopold Street, Werk-en-Rust Georgetown, and also of Tucville, Georgetown.
In an interview with this newspaper on Tuesday, the teen’s aunt said the family is frustrated with the situation and wants justice for Fraser.
“We keep running to the Police station to follow up on what really is going on, and the Police are not doing anything. Up to Monday night, this boy was riding a bicycle and slowing down and looking in here. Why can’t the Police catch this boy…”, she questioned.
“Everything we tell the Police them… the other day, one of the neighbours told us that they came in and saw him at 3 o’clock in the morning going by his mother. The Police don’t come through here, or they don’t check on anything at all. They just left this thing so.”
This woman said she believes the Police are showing no interest because Fraser comes from a ‘poor’ family.
“The [suspect’s] family passed by, and they never even apologized to the boy’s parents. Nothing! We’re leaving everything in God’s hands… if my nephew was a thief, I would have understood, but this is a little child just coming out of his bed to make peace… It just died down like that. If it was somebody who had money, they would’ve found the killer…”, the woman said.
She is calling on those in high authority to look into the matter urgently.