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Still scared witless…

…of the (big, bad) PPP?
From where your Eyewitness sits (on a high perch, like those tennis umpires at the ongoing US Open!!), it’s obvious to him that the Opposition’s hysteria is because they’re deathly scared of the PPP using the oil revenues to win over enough members of their constituency to make them irrelevant!! And the PPP’s clearly bent on achieving that goal – pointing out that’s what democracy’s all about!! You get into Government on a programme and a manifesto that attract a majority of the voters, and by delivering the goods, (literally!) you expect to convince previous skeptics to come to the next elections!!
The PNC had their opportunity when they were voted in back in 2015, and if they’d been rational, they would’ve done exactly what the PPP are now doing. You may say they didn’t have oil revenues to spend and hand out goodies like Santa “PPP” Claus. True, but shouldn’t they at least have tried to retain the voters who’d put them in office? In our ethnically divided country, that meant holding on to the Indian Guyanese brought in by Nagamootoo and Ramjattan. But NO!! Granger just had to pi55 them off (and worse) by firing 7000 of their sugar worker cohorts!! Did he have a political death wish for the PNC??
Anyhow the PNC and their troglodytes can jump high or they can jump low, but they ain’t gonna change the PPP’s push to secure a majority to return them in the driver’s seat come 2025. So, what’re the PNC gonna do ‘bout it? Right now, seems they figure they gotta undermine the PPP’s programme to deliver the good life to one and all. And they’ve decided to do this by playing the race card. So, it doesn’t matter what the PPP do, African Guyanese are told they’ve been subjected to “racism” and discrimination, leading to an “apartheid state”!!!! Looks like they feel that if they throw enough mud in the PPP’s direction, some of it gotta stick!!
And it will – after years of being conditioned to hear those accusations hurled from both sides of the divide, most folks are pre-disposed to believe them: “Cognitive bias” and all that!! Like when the PPP Ministers visited the archetypical urban slum of Albouystown and promised to fix up Independence Boulevard?? “Why were the streets of Albouystown allowed to deteriorate?” the PNC screamed. Well, apart from the fact that the PPP just got back into power after 5 years of PNC rule – what did they do between 2015 and 2020? Weren’t streets across Guyana – including Indian Guyanese ones – also deteriorated? Everyone who had to return from CJIA would know of the back streets of Diamond!!??
What’ll be gained by further polarising Guyana when both parties need votes from the “other side”??

…of compassion??
The Opposition cave dwellers are shedding crocodile tears while kvetching (and worse) about the sugar workers who were to be brought back from Albion and Rose Hall. Because they didn’t get the “severance pay” and “$250,000 cash handout” their comrades had received when fired. So why did they scream “racism” when the said handout was granted by the PPP?? Are they willing to propose in Parliament that these workers now get the money?? Or – at a minimum – are they willing to pay the $1.2 million bail imposed on the striking sugar workers charged for “obstructing the free flow of traffic, damage to property, unlawful assembly, and an act of terrorism”??
Well, we know the PNC and AFC are “playing politics”. But has fetching all those tons of canes on their heads every day for years softened the brains of the sugar workers?? Have they forgotten that Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo not only somersaulted on their promise to keep sugar going – but actually facilitated Granger’s cruel act!!

…of shaking hands??
Your Eyewitness still can’t get over Opposition Leader Norton’s claim that Pres Ali “BULLIED” him into shaking hands two years ago!! Didn’t shaking hands come from indicating that one isn’t bearing any arms – like in weapons??