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Letter: Is Guyana a real place?: Former GECOM Chairman sues Govt

Dear Editor,

Dr Steve Surujbally has sued the Government of Guyana to the tune of $100 million, for money owed to him for land through which the same Government proposes to build a gas-to-shore pipeline.

According to Surujbally’s lawsuit, this is a long-overdue matter, in which he should have been handsomely compensated to the tune of $100M by the state having to route its pipeline through his land.

While Surujbally is rightfully entitled to compensation, it is interesting to note here the amount of money he is demanding for this portion of land. This former public servant is seeking the exorbitant amount of $100M for a small plot of land that is under 2 acres in area. Nowhere in this country is land in a zone that is not categorized as prime property valued that huge sum of money. So, it is quite interesting to learn of the details of this man and his financial pursuit.

So, I have a few questions for Steve Surujbally:

1. Is the land in question one that the former GECOM Chairman acquired by natural ancestry, or was it acquired by prescriptive title?
2. If it was acquired by prescriptive title, then when was this transaction done, and when was the title vested in the Chairman’s name?
3. Could Surujbally explain how he arrived at the vast sum of $100M?
4. Was this a matter of his own private valuing, or by a price markup in range on the open market?

These are all pointed questions that we seek immediate answers for. Why? We are talking about the circumstances under which the land was acquired. Is it a question of owning land under circumstances of which I am thinking?

So, is Guyana a real place? The answer is yes, a real interesting place with a bunch of controversial characters.

Neil Adams