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Education Ministry clarifies statement by Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha

Dear Editor,
The Ministry of Education has noted a statement made by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha (GHDS), calling on the Minister of Education to make policy changes regarding rules in schools related to what can and cannot be worn in schools.
The Ministry notes, and wishes to correct, a misrepresentation in the statement of the GHDS which indicates that the Ministry made adjustments to the hair policy. In fact, the Ministry indicated that no child can be sent home for any perceived or real breach of any individual school’s hairstyle rule, as there is no rule from the Central Ministry regarding hairstyles. The rules themselves at individual schools were not changed.
Similarly, at the level of the Central Ministry, there is no rule against the wearing of a rakhi.
There is no allegation, or at least none has come to the attention of the Ministry, that any child was sent home for wearing a rakhi. The issues are therefore different. The Ministry would have no difficulty instructing that no child is to be sent home for wearing a rakhi, if that were ever to be an issue.
The Cabinet of Ministers of Guyana makes policies or changes in policies. Rules were made on these issues by individual schools, and those rules have been in place for many years, and have been informed by various factors known to individual school populations. Whether those bodies had taken into consideration Guyana’s diversity and/or our children’s constitutionally guaranteed rights would have to be examined when any revision is being considered.
The matter of what can and cannot be worn in schools will be taken to the cabinet by the Minister of Education for a decision to be made thereat.
The Ministry asks for steady heads in resolving issues and arriving at more enlightened positions on matters that are, and can be, emotive. The Ministry of Education continues to commit to serving each Guyanese child with dedication and love.

Public Relations
Ministry of Education