Dear Editor,
As Guyana continues to focus on eco-development, and with schools being built and/or renovated on an ongoing basis, isn’t it time for schools to be brought into the climate change arena?
For starters, the buildings must be made heat safe for students, both with respect to fire prevention and rising temperatures as the world gets hotter. Indeed, it is time to start adding cooling systems to school buildings, whether via air conditioners or central cooling.
In addition to Government funding for this, perhaps entities like MOM and the business community can be coopted to realise this necessity. Perhaps, too, schools can harness their diaspora alumni associations and overseas-based past students. And maybe local businesses can come together to help out schools in their area. The bottom line is that this needs to be given priority, especially since global heating is here to stay.
As well, school yards should be made green, possibly starting with new schools being constructed. This includes making school yards shady by planting trees and building seating under various canopies. Perhaps communities can be harnessed to make this possible, and simultaneously, they will be made more eco-conscious while taking ownership of the need to make schools safer for their children.

Annan Boodram