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Diabetes management workshop empowers health workers

at improving the analysis and care of diabetic patients, was launched on Wednesday by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Mount Sinai at the Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown.

The two-day exercise, among other things, focuses on introducing new standards of diabetes guidelines for primary healthcare.

Speaking during the ceremony, Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony emphasised the critical importance of the new guidelines for enhancing the care of diabetic patients.

“We are looking at what are the standards we need to put in place. One of the things that you would notice in these new guidelines is shifting from just using the glucometres to using the glycated hemoglobin, as one of the standards,” the minister explained.

He said consultations with the medical team from Mount Sinai have been ongoing for quite a while, noting that it is important for the guidelines to be adhered to nationwide.

The new measures will help health workers know what to use as first-line treatment for patients and what to do when there is inappropriate glucose control, among other practices.

Guidelines formulated with the help of Mount Sinai have allowed Guyana to access experts in the health field.

Some of the health workers who were present at the launch

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Narine Singh stated that it was time for some of the guidelines to be changed and new ones to be adapted.

“This guideline…is an evidence-based guideline, taking into consideration the change of the new technologies that are being made available, new medications, and clinical trials that have been done over the years,” he said.

Dr Singh believes that the new measures will have a positive impact on Guyana and the management of diabetes. He said it will improve the lifestyle and reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with the chronic illness.

Also, the Consultant from the Mount Sinai health team, Dr David Heller said Guyanese health workers will learn the key methods of how to implement the guidelines in the simplest way.

“The goal really is to help you to feel like you know what you need to know, not just about the guidelines but about how to teach them,” the consultant stated.

After the training concludes, the regions’ health personnel are required to return to their respective districts and conduct workshops to accurately disseminate the new strategies.

Each region also received machines to help in the advancement of these guidelines.