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David Patterson’s name should not have been on ‘no-fly’ list – official

Former Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson

Opposition Member of Parliament and former government minister David Patterson was last evening blocked from departing the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) for the United States, where he was scheduled to deliver a presentation to the Black Congressional Caucus on Capitol Hill.

Reports are that Patterson’s name was on a ‘no-fly list’ and this is why immigration officers informed him of his inability to travel.

However, officials have explained to this publication that Patterson’s name was first placed on the no-fly list after he was initially not submitting himself to the police for the indecent exposure allegations against him.

But after he was charged, the official explained, his name should have been removed from the list.

Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken has since told Demerara Waves that Patterson’s name was “mistakenly” left on the list.

Patterson, through his attorney, has since indicated that he will commence legal proceedings against the State.

See full statement from his attorney, Nigel Hughes:

David Patterson M.P. blocked from leaving the country to attend Congressional meeting despite order of court permitting him to leave the country.

On the evening of Tuesday 26th September 2023 David Patterson MP went to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport for the purposes of travelling to the United States to deliver a presentation on Guyana to the Black Congressional Caucus on Capitol Hill.

After Mr. Patterson had cleared customs and immigration he was approached by Immigration officers who informed him that he was not permitted to travel.

Mr. Patterson contacted his Attorneys, Hughes Fields and Stoby, who informed him that the magistrate had expressly permitted him to travel for business and professional reasons when he was recently charged, provided he attended the court hearing either virtually or in person.

The Attorneys at law then engaged the Immigration officers and inquired whether they were in possession of any order of Court restraining Mr. Patterson from travelling.

They responded indicating that there did not have any such order neither were they aware of any such order but there was “something in the system” which said Mr. Patterson could not travel.

The attorneys invited the Officers to engage the Head of immigration immediately as Mr. Patterson’s constitution right to travel would be violated if he was prevented from travelling.

The officers asked that the Attorneys call back in five minutes.

On the return call the Attorneys were informed that they were unable to contact the Head or Deputy Head of immigration and in the light of the fact that there was “something in the system” Mr. Patterson would not be permitted to leave the country.

Mr. Patterson was scheduled to deliver presentations today and tomorrow to the Congressional Black Caucus on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Patterson has instructed that constitutional proceedings for damages be commenced against the State.

Dated the 27th September 2023

Hughes Fields and Stoby.
Attorneys at law for David Patterson. M.P